ADHD: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention


While going about our daily lives, we frequently come across children who can’t sit still, never listen to you despite so many warnings, and never follow the instructions given to them, no matter how patiently you deal with them. There are others who might blurt out certain inappropriate comments at wrong times. Such children could be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It can create a problem for you as well as for your child, both in school and at home. It could hamper the productivity of your child by affecting their learning ability. Disorders like ADHD could become an obstacle in your child’s future success.

If you are also facing similar issues with your child’s development, then it is your primary responsibility to recognize certain signs and symptoms. To clarify all your doubts, here they are:

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD

  • Egocentric Behaviour

Have you ever come across a child who appeared to you oblivious to other people’s needs and feelings? If yes, then take this sign as a warning immediately.

  • Interrupting

Some children are attention-seekers and self-focused. This kind of behaviour usually provokes a child to disturb and interrupt others, more so when they see someone talking or conversing.

  • Create Trouble

Children who are afflicted with ADHD really create troubles for themselves as well their loved ones. They will usually wait for their turn to create some kind of mess or chaos either in school or at home.

  • Emotionally Imbalanced

A child with ADHD will not be able to keep his emotions in check. Most probably, in children like these, you will find sudden outburst of anger, especially during inappropriate times. The younger children might have temper tantrums.

  • Lack Focus

A child with ADHD may not be able to remember his homework. Other days, he/she might lack concentration power. So the parents need to make sure that they never scream at their children, as children with ADHD clearly lack focus. In some cases, they may not be able to repeat back what you might have just said.

Factors which are Responsible For ADHD

  •  Genetics

Disorders like ADHD can be found in families, and some studies indicate that genes might play an important role.

  • Development

Problems associated with the central nervous system- specifically at certain vital moments- may hamper the development of your child.

  • Environment

Other than genes and development, some other environmental factors like exposure to lead, usually found in paint or pipes of older buildings, may raise the risk of ADHD.

  • Coexisting Conditions:

You must always keep in mind that children who are afflicted with the ADHD do not face any psychological or developmental issues. But some common conditions are:

  • Disability to Learn

These children usually face a lot of issues while learning, understanding and communicating.

  • Depression and Mood Swings

Depression and mood swings are frequently found among children with ADHD.

  • Code of Conduct

Children suffering with ADHD usually show anti- social behaviour. In extreme cases, they might participate in certain unwanted practices such as stealing, destroying property, fighting, and harming people as well as animals.

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Some children will always oppose you and they are the ones who usually visualise the negative aspect of each and every situation. Also, they are constantly defiant and will show hostility towards authority figures. Make sure that you notice these actions sincerely, as this could be a sign of ODD.

Some Common Prevention Measures

  • Be Careful During Pregnancy

If you are excited and preparing to welcome the bundle of happiness at your home, then you must avoid everything that can hamper the growth of your foetus. For instance, consumption of alcohol, drugs, and smoking cigarettes must be avoided.

  • Ensure Cleanliness in Your Surroundings

Mothers usually have an inherent habit of taking care of their loved ones. Do ensure that your child is protected from the pollutants and toxins. This includes avoiding smoke of a cigarette and lead paint(found in old buildings).

  • Spent Limited Time on Screen

As per some studies, it has been observed that limited time must be spent watching screen during pregnancy. Too much usage of screen may affect the brain of your child, and lead to ADHD.

Parenting Tips to Handle Children Suffering from ADHD

  • Being Parents Make your Health a Priority

We would like to recommend that you eat healthy, exercise daily, take enough sleep, find ways to fight against odd situations and try to remain calm throughout the day. Increase your contact with teachers and doctors for the well being of your child.

  • Set Clear Goals for Your Child

Make sure that you make some simple rules to guide your child. Also, your child must ensure that those guidelines given by you, must be obeyed and followed. In order to help him to rise above this situation, you must offer him with some reward and deal with him calmly.

  • Sleep and Exercise Must be Encouraged

You should know that physical activity will always help you improve concentration – by promoting the growth of your brain. For ADHD children, a sound sleep could could work wonders to help them deal with symptoms of ADHD.

  • Encourage Your Child to Enhance Social Circle

If you are really willing to help your child, then you must try your best to make him a better listener. He must learn to read body language and gestures of the people surrounding him. You should ask him to make new friends and deal smoothly with them.

  • Establish a Schedule

Help your child to remain motivated and focused. This can be accomplished by making an organised routine for your child. After all, a scheduled busy life is the ultimate road to success.

Hopefully, today we helped you to reduce your own stress. Do take proper instructions from doctors. Promise us that you will never consider your child less than anyone else. Children with ADHD syndrome are highly flexible. You will never fail to notice their boosted energy levels, and will find them creative and spontaneous too.