CLUB 60 Movie Review

Club 60
Club 60

Club 60 Movie

Starring: Farooq Shaikh, Sarika, Raghubir Yadav, Satish Shah,Tinu Anand, Sharat Saxena, Vineet Kumar, Zarina Wahab, Himani Shivpuri, Suhasini Mulay

Directed by: Sanjay Tripathi

Music: Pranit Gedham

“Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.”
― Jean Racine

The loss of a loved one leaves a silent pain in the heart that is hard to heal. Death is not only about the person who has lost his life; it is also about those who are left behind to bear the loss. But, no matter how harsh life has been; no matter how deep the pain is, the show must go on! This is exactly what has been beautifully explained in a heart-touching movie called Club 60. Sanjay Tripathi’s Directorial Debut, Club 60, is a tribute to those who have smiled through the tragedies of life and a gift for those who have succumbed to their despairs. It also shows that life can be enjoyed even after 60s!

Plot: A bereaved couple, coping with the pain of the loss of their only child, moves to Mumbai in order to forget the grief. The husband is painstakingly in depression and the wife is struggling hard to bring him back to life. This is when they encounter a bizarrely jovial man, who changes their life completely.

Performances: The casting has been done fabulously well by the director. Each and every character is amazingly natural. The seniority of all the actors is reflected in the kind of performance each one has delivered.

Farooque Shaikh and Sarika are simply phenomenal as the grieving parents. Raghubir Yadav is the life of the movie. A heart-breaking performance by him leaves you completely spellbound.

Music: The music of Club 60 is extremely soulful and melodious. It has been composed a debutant composer, Pranit Gedham. The list is short with just four songs but is as effective as a film like this would have required. The lyrics touch the heart chords.

What’s good: Powerful performances by all the veteran actors of Indian Cinema with well-written dialogues that evoke deep emotions make the film even more worthy. The film is not just emotional but also has the right kind of humor that brings lightness to the film. But the best thing about the movie is the emotion attached with it. It brings back that lump in the throat which only films like Anand have brought.

What’s bad: The only thing that brings down such a soulful movie is its length. Certain sequences could have been edited to make the film short and sweet. The movie gets a bit predictable in the second half. Had the climax of the film not been so heavy in emotions, the film would have left a stronger motivational effect.

Films like Club 60 not only keep the soul of the Indian Cinema alive but also put the entire phenomenon of film-making on a different pedestal. There is a unique genuineness in Sanjay Tripathi’s direction. This one teaches you the much required lessons about life. It will definitely be foolish to miss such a heartrending story!

Verdict: It is worth living only if you live life with the right spirit! Join Club 60 right away!

Rating: ****