COVID Warriors – How This Delhi Man is Now Feeding 634 Families During Lockdown

COVID Warriors - How This Delhi Man is now Feeding 634 Families During Lockdown
COVID Warriors in Delhi
COVID Warriors - How This Delhi Man is now Feeding 634 Families During Lockdown
COVID Warriors in Delhi

Coronavirus has become the symbolic fury of nature. The images and representative drawings of nature pouring out into the open and empty streets while entire mankind stay shut inside their homes will linger as one of the horrendous memories of the COVID-19 pandemic. In India, the horror of the pandemic was magnified by the mass exodus of migrant workers walking home to their home-towns which are hundreds of miles away. While we have been talking about building India as an economic super-power, the pandemic has stripped the truth and brought it before us in its stark state – and it is that unless the poor find a sustainable society where they won’t have to worry about square meals a day and a roof over their heads, India’s success in the world will only be truly an incomplete pleasure and sight.

Today, as most of India remains within the Laxman-rekha of their homes, we may remind ourselves of the brighter side of our existence- that we have a home. However, this is not the case with some of us. Many poor Indians are now forced to take help from random strangers or just stay hungry. As state governments reach out to the needy, many remain still to be fed and reached. With this fact in view, many individuals have come out to extend their help to reach out to the needy of the country during this crisis.

One such COVID Warrior is Charanjeet Dhiman, a Delhi-based creative director. He has started a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) – Anything Will Do. There are four projects running currently under this NGO.

Under PROJECT Ration – Till date, the NGO has provided dry ration to over 634 families pan India.

PROJECT MilkyWay – 113 children up to 5 years of age, get half a litre of free milk every day.

PROJECT FeedMe – Over 2000 stray dogs and other animals are provided food every single day.

PROJECTPro – Professionals from varied backgrounds from across the globe are conducting sessions and workshops on various subjects and imparting knowledge to help others upgrade their skills.


All the projects under the NGO are running to reach out to the people during COVID-19. The number of people who get in touch with the NGO is different each day, but on average, it is able to help about 9,200 people across India.

On how people reach out to the NGO, Charanjeet says, “We have a huge network of people who have spread the word around about us and people can reach us through our chain of volunteers. We connect with others through phone calls and through our volunteers who are on the road day and night, helping out the needy.”

Charanjeet Dhiman was alone when he started out to help people, but as he moved along taking requests over calls or just moving around in his locality looking out if someone needs help, he is currently joined by 67 volunteers from across the globe and is devotedly helping people in distress due to the lockdown.

He says, “Delhi Police has been constantly providing their full support to us during this crisis.”

In this crisis, reach out to the NGO on:


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