Crazy India – This happens in India

India can give you innumerable and versatile experiences from spiritual, adventure to the weirdest ones. But there are certain things whether good or bad and typical to India. So let’s have a look at few of these.

  • Have you ever thought of snorkeling with an elephant and enjoying the rich marine life? Do not be surprised as this happens in India. Snorkel with an elephant named Rajan at Havelock Island in Andaman is a unique experience.
  • Child labour is illegal in India but in spite of all the efforts, near about 70,000 child miners work in the coal mines of Jaintia Hills area in the country. Poor consider children as their earning hands and so send them to work.
  • What can be crazier than defining the date and time of your child’s birth? Yes this is done in India. Parents go for c-section delivery so that their baby can be born on an auspicious day. I think every day is auspicious.
  • Bhut jolokia or Ghost chili grown in Assam is the hottest chili in the world that has been chosen by the military to be turned into a weapon.
  • In order to grab land, fake death certificates are made in many parts of India. Proving this is an example of Santosh Kumar Singh. It took complete nine years for Santosh Kumar Singh to prove that he is alive not dead. He was declared dead by his brother who wanted to acquire his property.
  • Wedding market in India is one of the biggest markets and estimated to be $11 billion. Indians spend lots and lots of money on marriage arrangements, clothes, jewellery, thank you gifts and invites.
  • Till date there is no cure for asthma, but Goud family in India says that they can cure asthma. They follow a very bizarre way to cure this disease. Homemade remedy involves swallowing live fish filled with medicine.
  • Onion price is touching the sky and anything that is so costly is subjected to be theft. Indian police has recently averted onion theft. Thieves were taking away the truck loaded with onions. Really an odd incident.
  • Indians are crazy for gold but the extent to which Datta Phuge has gone is really amazing. He wore a shirt made up of gold worth $230,888. A designer Amitabh Chandel had also made a shirt of silver, gold and diamonds for an Indian prince in 2011.
  • India is home to maximum number of malnourished children and the poor. For many poor people who are living below poverty line, it is hard to have even onetime meal. Every day 3,000 children die from malnutrition related diseases. The World Bank has also estimated that India is among the countries in the world with maximum number of malnourished children. It is not that India does not have enough food to feed every mouth. Our country has enough food but lack of storage and distribution facilities lead to problems. As no proper storage facility is there so near about 6 million tons of grains in India could rot.
  • Urinating in public is the habit of Indian men. But many have found one method to stop this. Picture of god and goddess can be seen on the wall that restricts men from urinating on that spot. So if this can be done under fear or due to respect then why cannot no urinating anywhere in the country become a habit?
  • Have you seen auto-rickshaw race? This happens only in India. This 14 days challenge covering a distance of 1,400 km is known as Mumbai Xpress and was held in Mumbai.


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