Delhi Metro starts free Wi-Fi on Blue Line stations

wifi in delhi metro

wifi in delhi metro

Delhi Metro has started offering free Wi-Fi on all stations that are part of Blue Line. This facility will be available from 30 August 2017. The Blue Line includes 50 stations and it is expected that this facility would now make it easier for passengers to access internet while they are on the move. The Blue Line covers a distance of 50 km and connects Noida City Centre and Vaishali in eastern Delhi to the sub-city known as Dwarka. In fact, as far as Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is concerned, it happens to be the biggest working corridor.

How will this benefit the people?

As part of this particular facility commuters will need to log on to the SSID (service set identifier) named Oui DMRC Free Wifi and avail the free Wi-Fi services. Here they would need to provide their names and mobile numbers so that they can get an OTP (one time password). This way they will be able to connect to the free internet and access their email and other sites such as Google and Facebook. They can do live chat and also watch live streaming of their favourite sports such as football and cricket. DMRC has provided this information in its official statement. It was in October 2016 that DMRC had introduced a similar facility for the premium stations of its Airport Line.

Progress of the project

It is expected that in the days ahead this facility would also be made available on stations in the Yellow Line as well as the inside trains in the Airport Line. The Yellow Line connects Samaypur Badli in northern Delhi to Huda City Centre in Gurgaon. The Airport Line is located between Terminal 3 of Delhi Airport and New Delhi Metro Station. DMRC has established a partnership with Techno Sat Comm, an Indian company, in order to provide this facility. This particular consortium is providing the facility at the Airport Line as well.

How would this benefit the metro?

It is expected that thanks to the free Wi-Fi a lot more people may choose to travel by metro. After all, they would be getting the chance to surf the web and that too without paying a farthing for it! They can stream their favourite videos, download them and later watch them offline as and when they please. This is a step forward in making Delhi a smart city. As Techno Sat Comm has claimed the internet speed is also going to be really good and each metro is expected to offer speeds of around 150 MBPS (megabits per second).
This also means that each commuter would individually get speeds of up to 40 MBPS. Apart from the benefits that have already been talked about above, this Wi-Fi would also enable passengers to make calls through apps such as WhatsApp. The major reason for this is the fact that in the underground metro stations phone connectivity is not that good yet.