Diet Programme For the Hot Summer Months

Healthy Diet for Summer

Healthy Diet for Summer

Summers have arrived with a vengeance. The heat is on with many places in India already touching the dreaded 40+ deg temperature zone, and it is only April end. It is of utmost importance that we keep our body cool internally by following the right kind of regulated diet. Air-conditioners and fans only give external relief. To stay away from the summer borne diseases and keep the body cool, one needs to follow a few simple rules where food is concerned. Here are a few dos and don’ts for the diet programme this summer.

Avoid The Following

  • Stay away from fried food and junk food. The oil content in this kind of food will make your skin oilier, causing discomfort, apart from added negatives such as indigestion due to food poisoning.
  • Red Meat is a big no-no during the heat of the summer months. The body has a very hard time trying to assimilate high protein content of meat. Sea food is also best avoided as during summers the chances of food poisoning because of the same are more.
  • Cold milk may give momentary relief but once ingested the same milk heats up the body. Same is the case with dairy products like butter, cheese and sadly, even Ice-Cream. The heat generated by these dairy products causes stomach problems.
  • Mangoes, the king of all fruits, something we wait for the entire year, are also not very good if we overdo it. A maximum of two mangoes a day is still fine. But if one consumes too many, it will lead to loose motions as the fruit has a lot of heat. Over intake of mangoes also cause boils to erupt on the skin.
  •  Stay away from spicy affairs. Spice is difficult to digest and during summers the body is in tremendous discomfort because of the same.
  • Wheat also generates a lot of heat internally. Dishes like Roti and Paratha made with wheat, along with Brown Bread are best avoided during summers. In case it is part of staple diet, it would be better to reduce the quantity of intake.
  • Sauces made of cheese are high in calories and make one feel sluggish during the summer months.
  • Hot beverages such as tea and coffee are also best avoided. Limit the intake to a maximum of 2 cups a day. Control that urge to head for the coffee machine in the office for it will take a toll on your body.
  • Cold beverages such as beer, wine coolers, Cold Coffee, energy drinks, packaged fruit juices  and soda have high sugar content which is not conducive to the heat of the summer months.
  • Dry fruits, though very healthy, have a lot of heat content in them. Reduce their intake during summers.

Must Include In Diet

  • Corn is rich in antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Including corn in the diet on a regular basis will keep one fresh and energetic.
  • Tomatoes contain carotenoid which gives natural protection against sun burns.
  • Watermelons keep the body cool and refreshed during the heat of the day.
  • Curd and drinks like salted buttermilk cool the system and protect the body from the heat of the summer.

Eat a healthy diet this summer. Stay Cool. And Stay Safe!!