The Chapora Fort in Goa

Dil Chahta Hai Fort Goa
Chapora Fort, Vagator, Goa
Dil Chahta Hai Fort Goa
Chapora Fort, Vagator, Goa


Location: 10 km from Mapusa, near Vagator Beach, Goa

Once neglected, the Fort of Chapora got popularized by the movie Dil Chahta Hai (therefore, also known as the Dil Chahta Hai Fort) and is now a prime attraction of Goa. Trekking up to the fort can be strenuous during the day, but its a great place to make your evening memorable. A silent stroll and picturesque sunset views are pleasing.

If you are expecting something unique from the historical ruins of the fort, then the Chapora Fort may disappoint you. You would only get to see huge, irregular, red laterite stone walls, a gate, bastions with cylindrical turrets, a few vague barracks and weeded bushes.

It is the best place to capture perfect shots – Vagator beach, Morjim beach or the Arabian Sea, you will never get tired of clicking there! It is a perfect place to hangout with best of your companions or to spend a peaceful, time alone, away from the chaotic mayhem of life.


Quick Tips

  • Wear comfortable footwear and be prepared for some hiking. Slopes are not fit for kids and the elderly.
  • Do not miss the sunset, else you may regret your visit to the fort.
  • Be safe when you are descending the fort in the dark.
  • The 360 degree views of the natural beauty around you cannot be missed.
  • Carrying your own refreshments and water is advisable.

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