Do not waste water

The state of Maharashtra at present is facing a drought like situation. In such a condition, where you expect everyone to conserve water, how would you react if someone plays a pre-Holi with minimum of 50,000 litres of water? And all these celebrations have been carried out in spite of government’s order of not doing those.

Pre-Holi celebrations at such a large scale have been carried out by none other than a spiritual leader Asaram Bapu this Sunday. His followers have used 50,000 litres of drinking water in Nagpur’s Kasturchand Park to celebrate pre-holi with their guru. Even the yellow coloured water was poured on the followers by Bapu using two pipes. Sourced from Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) said there were five tankers of 10,000 litres capacity. Apart from this, many private tankers were also there for the celebrations. NMC officials have later issued a notice to his group after seeing that water issued to them has been completely misused.

But everyone seemed to be least bothered about all these and they were planning to celebrate another such event in Navi Mumbai. Water tankers from private sources were availed at Navi Mumbai celebrations. He had even delivered a proactive speech against media and owing to that his followers had attacked the media person injuring three of them.

Some of his followers have blind faith in him, so do you think that doing such an act should be a part of his activities? Instead of saying that each person has used just 50 grams of water for the pre-holi celebrations he should have asked each of his follower to conserve that 50 grams and help the one who is not getting water for drinking.

Water is precious for life and must not be wasted for any such activity be it a holi or other festival. Life of every individual is far more important than these festivals.