Findings of 2015 Beer Price Index

Cheapest cities to grab a Beer

Cheapest cities to grab a BeerGoEuro, a website, which has been helping customers make opinions regarding their travel expenditure, has this year again come up with its ‘GoEuro Price Index Series’. The series essentially zooms in on several common expenditures for tourists helping them gain prior insights about the changes and differences in the ticket prices of flights, buses and trains across the world. The website essentially provides tourists with price indexes of common goods that they usually like to buy when travelling.

The latest ‘Price Index’ revealed by GoEuro is the 2015 Beer Price Index, which is the result of a thorough research on ‘beer prices’ of as many as 75 countries around the world comparing the local beers and also the commonly imported beers available across these countries.

This amazingly informative ‘Beer Price Index’ is the result of an extensive data collection from the travel site which has come out with an exhaustive list of price indexes on common goods tourists like to buy.

The ‘2015 Beer Price Index’ has listed Krakow as the cheapest place to buy a cold beer followed by Kiev, Bratislava, Malaga and Delhi. These five places are the cheapest to grab a chilled beer from the supermarket. The cheapest city for beer, Krakow offers an average price of $0.62 for 33cl beer at the supermarket and $2.70 for the same 33cl beer at the bar, thereby, offering the cheapest overall price of $1.66. Kiev, the second cheapest city, also has the same overall price of $1.66 but offers the 33cl beer at the supermarket for $0.97 and in the bar at $2.36.

The Researchers visited three hotels and three supermarkets in each of the cities mentioned in the list. They combined the cost for each city along with the standardised quantity of the beer and eventually, arrived at a single currency and thereby decided on the list.

New York, one of the world’s beer loving places, was listed as one of the costliest in this parameter by charging $5.20 a pop. Also, the costliest place in this regard emerged to be Geneva that charges $6.32 a pop.

All of these prices are partially being reflected in the consumption levels. Cairo’s per capita consumption is the lowest at four liters whereas the highest being Bucharest at 133 liters. Also, Helsinki spends the most with annual per capita expenditure being $1542 in comparison to Cairo which ranks the lowest here with only $25 annual per capita expenditure.

Another important result that came up in this survey was that even though Delhi is one of the cheapest places for beer, the average annual consumption per capita and average annual spend per capita is one of the lowest too at 6 liters and $29 respectively.

As a matter of fact, it is also the case that there have been changes in the beer prices in 2015 from 2014 due to currency appreciations and devaluation. For instance, because of changes in the CHF exchange rates, places like Geneva and Zurich have now become two of the fifteen most expensive places for beer clearly outstripping Oslo, 2014’s most expensive city. On the same lines, the US cities are now relatively much more expensive because of the appreciation of the US dollar against the euro.