Good and bad coexist

Have you ever lost your valuables and got them back? Though it is hard to believe in today’s society but this has happened in Kalyan where an autorickshaw driver, Anil Jagtap has returned a bag containing gold jewellery (6.5 tola) worth 2 lakh to the owner. A resident of Waldhuni, Bedi Kamble took an auto rickshaw from the railway station to goback home and while getting down she forgot to take her bag containing gold jewellery along with her. On reaching home she found her bag missing and in no time she realized that she had forgotten it in the auto rickshaw  She went to file a complaint at the police station but was sure that she won’t get her bag back. To everybody’s surprise exactly after 30 mins, her bag with its contents intact was in her hands as the autorickshaw driver had kept the bag to return it to the owner. The police has also said that such incidents are extremely rare and so to appreciate his good deed, they have called Jagtap and his family members to police station and presented him flowers.

You feel extremely good after reading such sorts of news but the sad part is that these are never part of main headlines on major news channels which today concentrate more on bad news. There are all sorts of news related to theft, murder, kidnapping, chain snatching, rape etc but not even a single news of this kind.

This is not a hidden fact that media is just a right tool for communication and to gain popularity present day media in India focus more on sensational news. Few decades back there was just DD News and regional news channels. The news coverage was more on progressive India. But with the advent of cable and 24×7 news channels the quality of news has deteriorated to a certain extent. It is not the fault of news channel but to bring fresh news in every hour or minute, they have to cover all sorts of news whether good or bad.

But I think media has to rethink and recast its role and must emphasize and promote positive social changes. There is no denying in the fact that media houses along with their main objective of spreading news are also running for profit which they achieve through increased TRPs and viewership  Then there is a drift in consumer demand. But investigation that earlier was one of the major parts of news needs to be revamped amidst of sensational news. Today there is a dire need of more valuable content which in long run will help to establish a brand name.

There should be a balance between good and bad news and it is a request to news channels and newspapers to please make our morning a good morning by adding good news about India in terms of achievements and developments.