Gujarati Food Delights in the Capital

Gujarati Food Joints in the Capital
Gujarati Food Joints in the Capital

Gujarati Food

Ask anyone who has been living away from home and he will relate what the aroma of homemade food means! Food is probably the first thing that connects you to your place and resurfaces all the memories. Just a little smell and your tummy starts craving your staple food. Not all of us are lucky enough to always be close to home, however. In a recent encounter with an old friend, I realised the importance of the regional food that only someone living away can understand rightly! She being a Gujarati in Delhi, was very nostalgic of her Gujarati food that she missed eating here. That very moment I decided to write about the places where she and many others like her could get the best of Gujarati food! So here it is.

1. Gujarati Samaj Santushti

Location: Civil Lines

Cost for 2- Rs 300 (approx)

This is a very decent option for grabbing some yummy Gujarati food. The price range is quite reasonable, with an average seating arrangement. This place might not be as attractive as other restaurants but it definitely scores high on its food.

2. Suruchi

Location: Karol Bagh

Cost for 2- Rs 500 (approx)

This place is like a jackpot in a small package! The ambiance is quite soothing and the food has a great variety. The price range is moderate but the scrumptious taste of the food gives it a value for money.

3. Gujarat Bhawan Restaurant

Location: Chanakyapuri

Cost for 2- Rs.300 (approx)

How can a state bhawan not serve near authentic state food! The ambiance is quite bland but the food is very delicious and affordable. This place turns out to be heaven for Gujju-food lovers!

4. Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

Location: Connaught Place

Cost for 2- Rs. 800 (approx)

The manner of serving the food at this place is so alluring that you just can’t resist trying everything! And the food doesn’t disappoint, either. With an unimaginable variety to offer, this place definitely occupies a good place on my list.

Although the options are limited but when the food available is as appetising as the authentic Gujarati food, one has to make the best of them!