India’s Hunger Problem: India ranks 100th out of 119 countries in Global Hunger Index

Hunger Problem in India

Hunger Problem in India

India has been facing serious hunger crisis for a long time.  As per the Global Hunger Index report 2017 which was released by Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), India has slipped down to 100th rank among 119 countries. In a worst ever situation, India has gone down 45 ranks since 2014 as per the Global Hunger Index. In order to describe a countries’ hunger situation, the multidimensional tool of Global Hunger Index is used. In 2006, the first Global Hunger Index was published. Welthungerhilfe. The 12th edition of the Global Hunger Index ranked countries in the developing world. Child Mortality, Undernourishment, Child Wasting and Child Stunting are the four parameters on which the Global Hunger Index ranks countries.

Current Hunger Index

As per the recent release of 2017 Global Hunger Index (GHI), shows long-term progress in terms of reducing hunger in the world. Shockingly, India fares worse than Iraq (78th), Bangladesh (88th) and North Korea (93rd). Half of the 119 countries have “extremely alarming”; “alarming” and “serious” hunger state. India was placed in a high end “serious” category with a worse score of 31.4. Out of 119 countries, one country falls in “extremely alarming zone”, seven falls in “alarming”, forty-four in “serious range”, twenty-four in “moderate”, while only 43 countries have scored in the “low” range. 

Position of India

Pertaining to hunger, the Global Hunger Index ranks India on a lower pedestal of 100 of the 119 countries. India’s performance was better than only two countries in Asia i.e. Pakistan and Afghanistan. Adding to the already present despair of hunger crisis, it was noticed that the rate of wasting (low- weight for height) has also surged from 20% in 2005-06 to 21% as of 2015-2016.

 India’s hunger stats and facts

As per the statistics and factual details, in India, more than 20 percent of children have lower –weight in terms of their height under the age of five. Moreover, 33 percent of children are too short as per their age. The Global Hunger Index further elucidated that the youngest growing democracy- India has the second highest undernourished population in the world.

 Causes of hunger in India

Failures to invest in agriculture, supporting small farms, to name a few are some of the causes which have stunted the smooth sail of India, a fast-growing economy in the world. The rate of malnutrition is worse in India. Failure of food schemes. A disparity between the real execution of schemes for the greater good of citizens.

 Solution to hunger in India

Providing healthy and nutritious food to its citizens is a liability of any government. Successful execution of free Food scheme pertaining to new mothers and pregnant women would be a beneficiary step towards the same. It should be mandatory to not waste food and offenders must be fined. Innumerable schemes have been launched by the Central as well as State governments in India but the realityis a mess. It takes year from passing a law to its execution. Food Security bills have been promised but sadly their progress is very slow. Food is a luxury to people who cannot afford it. It is advisable to not waste food. Be humanitarian and help those in need.