Krrish 3 Movie Review

Krissh 3

Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi, Kangana Ranaut

Directed by: Rakesh Roshan

Music: Rajesh Roshan

We have seen the Spiderman clinging to the walls, the Superman striking with his super powers, and Batman combating with his intellect and physical prowess.  But we would have never even imagined what Rakesh Roshan has successfully actualized — a superhero with all the supreme powers! India’s very own super-hero, the first of its kind, Krrish is a rare amalgamation of all the super-heroes we have enjoyed watching. And this super-hero is back in action with the third part of the Koi Mil Gaya/Krrish series, Krrish 3. A treat for the children, Krrish 3 entertains with the super-hero’s astonishing prowess supported by a concrete plot.

Plot: The film continues with the story of Rohit Mehra living happily with his super-hero son, Krishna, and his wife, Priya. A sudden strike of a dangerous virus, unleashed by the super-villain Kaal, creates havoc in Mumbai. There begins the battle between good and the evil, with Krrish fighting Kaal and his army of mutants.

Performances: Although Krrish is not something that matches the caliber of this multi-talented star, if there is someone who fits the picture of a super-hero, it’s Hrithik Roshan! With a perfectly chiseled body and demeanour of a super-hero, he looks amazingly charismatic. Even as the old Rohit, he is exceptionally fine and earnest in his acting skills.

Priyanka Chopra obviously does not have much to do in a super-hero flick except look beautiful.

Vivek Oberoi, as the menacing super-villain, is quite impressive in his wickedness. Had his character been developed a little more, this film would have definitely given him a new face in Bollywood.

It is the hot and stunning lady Kangana who stands out even in a male-oriented film. Having improved upon in her diction and acting, she is absolutely ravishing and impressive.

Music: As a family venture, the music of Krrish 3 is given by Rajesh Roshan. The soundtrack has absolutely nothing worth listening to. The lyrics and the music both are extremely disappointing. The only song that is a relief from the torture is ‘Dil Tu hi Bata’ sung beautifully by Zubeen Garg and Alisha Chinai.

What’s good: Krrish is undoubtedly a brave move on Rakesh Roshan’s part to launch India’s first super-hero. This hero is indeed impressive and lovable. The spectacular action sequences clubbed with flabbergasting visual effects speak volumes about Rakesh Roshan’s imagination and sense of direction. The script is engaging, with ample twists to entertain you till the end.

What’s bad: Over-the-top dialogues and unnecessary melodrama ruins the strength of an action film. The songs are absolute trash, causing pain to the ears. The film is visibly imitative of the super-hero films we have already seen.

The much awaited sequel of its predecessor, Krrish 3 did not live up to the expectations of the super-hero lovers. Though it is not one of those perfect super-hero films, it is definitely an endearing movie with some thrilling elements that will keep you entertained. No matter how the film turns out on the box office, Krrish will always be special for us. After all, he is our very own super-hero!

Verdict: Watch Krrish 3 with kids or as kids to make the most of it!

Rating: ** and a 1/2