Lucknow Metro begins operations

lucknow metro

lucknow metro

Daily commute in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is all set to become much more convenient and fun with the launch of the Lucknow Metro. The much-awaited Lucknow Metro has become operational today (September 5, 2017); however, it will be opened to the public on September 6. The Metro was today inaugurated by Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister of India, in the presence of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who has promised to open such metros on the other cities of the state.

The people of the city are overjoyed and have started to book their first journey on the new medium of transport. According to reports, 2,200 Go Smart metro cards have been sold till now.

Length and number of stations

The Lucknow Metro is a joint venture of the Government of India and the Government of Uttar Pradesh and has been completed in a little over three years. The first trail run of the Metro was flagged in December 2016 by Akhilesh Yadav, the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. September 6 will witness the partial commencement of Line 1. The part of Line 1, which has become operational, is 8.5 kilometers long and covers eight stations. It will commence from Transport Nagar and then pass through the stations of Krishna Nagar, Singar Nagar, Alambagh, Alambagh Bus Station, Mawaiyya, Durgapuri and finally Charbagh.

 Metro Fare

The Line 1, of which only eight stations will be opened to the public as of now, has a total of 22 stations. The fares start from Rs 10 for one station and for two the price is Rs 15. Between 3 to 6 stations, the fare costs Rs 20. It costs Rs 30 between 7 and 9 stations, Rs 40 for 10 to 13 stations, and Rs 50 for 14 to 17 stations. The highest fare is Rs 60, which will be charged for 18 stations and above.


Just like the Metros that are already operational in other cities of the country, the Lucknow Metro also comes with a number of facilities that would traveling much more pleasurable for the people.

Lucknow Metro offers free Wi-Fi facilities. However, it can be used for only 20 minutes at the station per journey. Thereafter, data consumption would be charged.

The needs of the visually impaired have been taken care of. To make their travel convenient, braille plates on lift buttons, audible lift message, escalator audible warning signals and other such facilities have been provided.

For the mobility impaired staff assisted wheelchairs have been provided at all stations and Automatic Fare Collection Gates. Lifts/ramps would further make their journey pleasant.

Facilities for the hearing impaired are: visual display screens have been installed inside the trains, flashing system map, active line diagram that will give the passenger information about the current station and the next one.

Toilet facilities are also available at every Metro station. In the times to come, water dispensers would also be installed at the stations.

The Lucknow Metro would provide a much needed relief to the people of the city as it would save time and money and would be much more convenient that other forms of public transport.