M-Cinemas: Luxury viewing at its Best

In an era where luxury has become our daily bread, every segment of our society wants to be at top notch high-end! When malls, markets, complexes and housing have already touched their marks, how could cinemas stay behind? Cinema halls or movie theatres are probably the second most visited places after malls for spending leisure time. Delhites are large-hearted movie buffs who want every luxury and comfort while watching a film. Movie watching experience got substantially luxurious when PVR’s Director’s Cut was launched a couple of years back. But its over-the-top pricing could not impress the masses!

Ultra-mod experience

With yet another opportunity of opulent cinema watching, Delhi welcomed its second ultra-sumptuous movie theatre right in the heart of the city. The time-worn building of Sapna Cinema hall got an absolutely ravishing makeover transforming it into a very unique, M-Cinemas! The first of its kind luxury theatre, M-Cinemas is a superior blend of high-end luxury and latest technology. Marquee Cinemas Pvt Ltd, the owner of the good old Sapna Cinemas, took over the charge of refurbishing the theatre with top-class facilities. Located in the East of Kailash, M-Cinemas has pushed the jolly experience of movie watching to another level.

Overwhelming, yet jolly

The super ostentatious M-Cinemas proudly claims to be the world’s largest all recliner diner offering a good number of 400 seats in one hall. There are two floors in the hall which have been designed according to the 64-feet large screen, one of the biggest in Delhi. It is also the only theatre in the city which offers 3D sound with the best quality in the town. Apart from this technological superiority, M-Cinemas gives you an option of valet parking which lands you directly in front of the ticket window. There is an in-house kitchen for an epicurean delight. And to top it all, it gives you an opportunity to pay your bills after watching the film.

M-Cinemas displays an incredible upgradation of movie theatres in Delhi. Its unique services and luxuries offer an absolutely crazy cinematic experience to the movie buffs. With a reasonable costing for such an experience, this cinema definitely urges you to watch every single movie!

Location: 54 Community Centre, East of Kailash, New Delhi

Near By Metro Station: East of Kailash

Opening Hours: Shows starting from 9.30am to 11.40 pm

Ticket Pricing: Rs. 400 for Gold Class, Rs.600 for Platinum

USP: The Super-Comfy Recliners

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