100 Days of Modi Sarkar – Day 95

Day 95 of Modi Sarkar
Day 95 of Modi Sarkar

Modi Government Work - Day 95

Ever since Narendra Modi visited Nepal for his second bilateral foreign tour as the Prime Minister of India, there has been a renewed hope among India’s Himalayan neighbours that after years of general neglect and disregard at the hands of the UPA regime it will receive some much-needed assistance so that it get back on its feet. This optimism stemmed from the fact that the Indian government led by Narendra Modi has professed its complete commitment to help Nepal in any way possible. Now when Nepal finds itself facing a flood India has come forward to help it.

Indian aid for Nepal’s flood relief

Both India and the US have promised that they shall be providing financial assistance to Nepal even as it copes with a flood that has been accompanied by landslides to make matters worse. Already 250 people have lost their lives as a result of the natural disasters. The Indian Government has given 480,000 US dollars to help in the flood relief. Ranjit Rae, Indian Ambassador to Nepal, handed over a cheque for the amount to Sushil Koirala, Prime Minister of Nepal, at the latter’s residence yesterday. The natural disasters have struck the western and central regions of Nepal.

This money is supposed to be spent by the national government in Nepal for carrying out rehabilitation and relief projects intended to benefit the victims of the flood. The US has promised it shall be providing 450,000 US dollars for assisting the victims. The amount shall be provided to the Nepal unit of the World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations (UN). This money is supposed to help the government buy almost 450 metric tons of rice and other essential food items such as legumes. The recent floods and landslides have also led to 200 people being reported as missing. It is appreciable that India is keeping its word to Nepal and also maintaining its tradition of helping its neighbours in times of dire need.

Sadananda Gowda’s son violated me, charges Kannada actress

A case of rape has been registered against Sadananda Gowda’s son, Karthik. The complaint against the Union Railway Minister’s son has been brought up by a lady, who has claimed that she had married him. It needs to be noted in this context that he got engaged recently. His engagement took place at Kushalnagar in Kodagu. Media reports have established that the lady in question is a model and has also featured in Kannada movies. The lady has also claimed that the Union minister’s family had accepted her as their daughter-in-law.

The lady, named Maithreya, has stated that she and Karthik became acquainted since May 8, 2014 and proceeded to become good friends, which led to their marriage. As happens in these cases, her claims have been outright negated by the groom-to-be Karthik. Gowda senior has stated that he is shocked at the allegations and feels that it could be a conspiracy. He also has not ruled out the chances of him being blackmailed over the incident.

He has equated his life to an open book and has stated that he has always refrained from telling lies or cheating. The Railways Minister of India has also stated his family too will never allow any such thing to happen. Gowda feels that one of the main reasons for this entire incident is to malign his name. Karthik has stated that his father is a well respected man and he sees no reason to bring disrepute to him with such an act.

MN Reddi, Police Commissioner of Bangalore, has stated that a complaint has been registered at RT Nagar police station and the complaint is one of cheating and rape. As per Reddi the cases are registered under Indian Penal Code’s (IPC) Section 420 that deals with cheating and 376 that is concerned with rape.

Perhaps this could be a ploy by the Opposition and may be the BJP will soon make a statement to that effect. However, it needs to be taken note of that some of its party members are facing such allegations and now only this incident has come to the fore. While its authenticity is yet to be ascertained such incidents could cause a serious dent in the party’s image in the days to come as it did with corruption and scams in case of its predecessors. This is where some introspection is needed and perhaps some hard decisions need to be taken.

India could ban ISIS

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is supposed to lodge a case against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), the Iraqi militant group that has been causing havoc in the Middle East nation since the last couple of months. The case is supposed to be lodged as per Section 121A of the IPC that deals with efforts to wage war against the country. The UN has already outlawed ISIS and it is being presumed that this decision of India is an aftermath of the same.

One feels that the ban would be imposed on the basis of laws applicable in India. The NIA is presently making preparations for creating a dossier that compiles the activities being undertaken by the extremist outfit in India. Recently, one Arif Majeed, an engineering student, was among four students from Kalyan, located outside Mumbai, who had disappeared during May. It had been suspected that they had joined the Sunni rebels in Iraq. Later Majeed reportedly lost his life in a blast in Mosul. The new development has come after the incident.

Of late there have been reports of ISIS trying to get people from various states in India such as Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka and Kerala. It has been targeting members of a certain sect and is reportedly being aided in fast recruitment by Indian Mujahideen, which is a well-known terrorist outfit of India. The NIA states that this recruitment programme has been going on for almost a year.

Reports have also stated that even though the fighting activities of ISIS are presently limited to Syria and Iraq but it is trying to bring a greater number of Indian Muslims within its fold. Recently, the Indian Government has been able to apprehend several IM members but it is also apprehensive that if Indian terrorists do join ISIS they might find newer ways to execute terror attacks in India.

Economic indicators

Indicators Value Rise/Fall
SENSEX 26638.11 77.96
NIFTY 7954.35 18.30
Rupee/Dollar 60.50 0.04
Gold 28,055.00 275.00
Silver 42,366.00 433.00
Crude oil 5,762.00 87.00

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