PM Modi Stresses on ‘Made in India’ Products, Assures Economic Growth will Stabilise

PM Modi Stresses on 'Made in India' Products, Assures Economic Growth will Stabilise
PM Modi urges people to use "Made in India" products.
PM Modi Stresses on 'Made in India' Products, Assures Economic Growth will Stabilise
PM Modi urges people to use “Made in India” products.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today assured that India is going to regain its economic growth, as the nation enters the period of unlock-1, which is a baby step in lifting the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown. Unlock-1 is a measure to boost the economic activities in the country which were halted somewhat or entirely during the lockdown phase. He once again stressed to make India self-reliant. PM Modi urged the corporate houses to take an oath to make India’ AatmNirbhar ‘.

Modi addresses the CII annual session

While addressing the annual session of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), he said: “We will bring the Indian economy back on track.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his maiden speech on the Indian economy after the announcement of Unlock-1 by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The address came at a crucial time when the elected government has just completed one year of its second term in office. Companies have started their activities after the Ministry of Home Affairs announced relaxations amid nationwide lockdown.

Here are the key points of PM Modi’s address to CII:

  • PM Modi emphasised on the ‘Made in India’ products, he further added that the country should start producing products for the entire world. It means Indian manufactured goods would flourish in the world market.
  • He pitched for online events which have become famous throughout the nation during the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Modi told everyone that, when COVID-19 was spreading at a rapid speed worldwide, India took timely action in its containment.
  • The Prime Minister assured that making India’s economy robust once again is the prime motive of the government.
  • He told that currently, the world is in an eager need of a trusted and reliable partner. The world believes in
  • India for its potential and ability. Today, all the industries will benefit because the world has always trusted India and its capability.
  • He asked people to invest in the creation of a Robust Local Supply Chain that strengthens India’s stake in the Global Supply Chain.
  • He emphasised that Institutions like the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will have to play a vital role inthe post-COVID-19 period.
  • He built confidence in the youth by telling them that the government is keeping eyes on several sectors like the mining sector, energy sector, and so on, for creating new opportunities for them.
  • PM assured everyone that his government’s reforms are not random. They have been taking place in a planned manner.
  • Modi stressed on five ‘I’s which are essential for India to be self-reliant- Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure, and Innovation. Our government has taken bold decisions on all the five features which are essential for growth.
  • Farmers have also got satisfactory news by the PM. They are now free to go anywhere to sell their produce; the government has opened new avenues for agro-businesses.

At the end of his speech, PM Modi congratulated CII for its completion of 125 years. He was looking positive throughout his speech and hoped that the country would stabilise soon, and the economy of the nation will speed up.