Risks of Eating Late at Night

Risks of Eating Late at Night
Mind your midnight munchies!
Risks of Eating Late at Night
Mind your midnight munchies!

Yummy late-night meals, snacks and cravings aren’t uncommon for most of us. Food is something which we are always ready to gobble. Thinking of food always delights our soul. But do you know how it may damage you from inside if you will continue eating late at night? We can bet you that after having a late night meal sometimes you might have faced heartburn or your sleep might not have been comfortable. To know the side effects of eating during late night continue reading.

List of problems one may come across due to eating late at night include:

1. Prone to Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Have you ever heard someone saying that after eating dinner they are feeling uneasy? Probably yes. Do you know the reason behind it? Maybe partially, you must know that acid reflux is the condition in which the acid formed in the stomach moves back into our oesophagus after we eat food. This leads to problems like heartburn or may create tight pain in your mid or lower chest. These symptoms act as an alarm for chronic digestive disorder and may lead to GERD- gastroesophageal reflux disease. Lying down immediately after consuming food can activate acid reflux and symptoms related to GERD. Also, it has been found that eating greasy or acidic food during the night such as tomato or pickle could increase the rate of these risks. Due to these reasons, one must make sure that eating late at night might prove to be dangerous for one’s well being.

2. It affects our Sleep

After returning home from our office or workplaces most of us feel famished. During this time a healthy and a modest size snack will do justice to our craving. It will also help you to have a sound sleep. Some of the snacks that could be consumed during the late evening hours include nuts, low-fat milk and fruits. Ignoring large meals and spicy foods will protect you from discomfort and disrupted sleep. To have a peaceful sleep you must avoid foods and beverages which contain caffeine such as chocolates, hot or cold coffee, energy drinks and energy boosting food products. Otherwise, it will become difficult for you to fall asleep. This may lead to drowsiness during the next day.

3. Hamper’s memory and concentration power

Eating food during the late night does not only make you fat or increases your waistline. Rather, it affects your brain health too. As per the scientist, it has been confirmed that the timings of your meals affect the physiology of your brain, as well as it affects your learning ability. Following of irregular eating habits directly affect our circadian system, which as a result has a far-reaching impact on learning ability, concentration and memorization.

4. Alteration in the functioning of Hormone

Do you know that consumption of food at night leads to the alteration in the level of insulin, leptin and glucagon? As per the research, it has been proven that those who eat more during the evening are more prone to inflammation. As per the study, 10% increase in the consumption of food between 5 pm till midnight leads to a 3% increase in the level of C-Reactive protein, which is responsible for the inflammation in the body.

5. Maintaining weight will become a nightmare

Nowadays having an active lifestyle is “the need of the hour”. Weight is something which needs to be managed. But sometimes while studying for long hours or playing video games during the night we feel hungry. The mouth-watering food overpowers our senses as that time calorie intake will not be the only factor responsible for gaining weight. But the timings of your food consumption will also play an important role. As per the research, it has been proven that our body is not able to burn fat during the night due to slower functioning of our metabolism as compared to daytime. Also, the organs of our body will end up storing carbohydrates which will further lead to weight gains, high insulin and blood sugar level. So people who wish to maintain their weight must eat at least two hours before sleeping. They must make sure that low-calorie and fibre rich food must be consumed.

Eating healthy food will always keep you fit, fine and strong. Right time for each meal will help you to live a long and carefree life. That is why it is well said that “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper” – Tallmadge.