Simple Remedies For Bad Breath

Remedies for Bad Breath
Dental Hygiene FTW!


Remedies for Bad Breath

Impressions and presentations are everything. And, you can ruin that pretty easily just because you couldn’t appeal someone’s olfactory senses. Heck, you tried to offend it with an unpleasant breath odour. Don’t let bad breath come in between you and the people who are talking to you. Keep your friends close and an amazingly-smelling breath even closer. We’ll tell you how you can make your mouth smell like a pretty flower, but before that let’s delve into reason as to why bad breath even happens in the first place.

Top Reasons You Have Bad Breath

1. The most common reasons are onion and garlic. These are great for taste buds but really, really bad for your breath.

2. However, you can also get an objectionable odour in your mouth even when you did nothing. That’s because there are some bacteria in our mouths which cause bad breath as they breakdown proteins.

3. And, it can also happen when you’re onto something so noble as dieting. You might get a not so pleasant breath as your diet is infrequent.

4. And, do you have a dry mouth? This happens when the flow of saliva decreases in your mouth. This also leads to a smelly mouth.

5. If you have a gum problem like periodontal disease, then also you can have bad breath, persistently so. It is mainly caused by sticky plaque that forms on teeth.

6. Bad breath can also be caused by medical disorders such as chronic sinusitis, diabetes, liver or kidney ailment, an infection in the respiratory tract (lungs, windpipe, throat, nose), gastrointestinal disturbance, chronic bronchitis etc.

7. Smoking and tobacco products also lead to stinky breath.

8. Uncleaned dentures can trap food particles. Later on, this all rots and leads to unpleasant breath.

Remedies, Finally:

Let’s put your money where your mouth is and invest in these productive, easy solutions.

1. Dental Hygiene FTW

While one can be all up and about one’s general hygiene, dental care still gets ignored the most. When was the last time you changed your toothbrush? Dentists recommend that you swap your toothbrush once every 2-3 months. Flossing is also stressed upon a lot. It’s ideal if you visit your dentist half-yearly. They’ll also suggest you some nice fluoride mouthwashes as well. It is an excellent way to ensure bacteria pile-up doesn’t happen. Oh, and brush your teeth twice a day, before bedtime and then again in the morning.

2. Ginger Tea is Your Friend

One of the most effective solutions for an unpleasant breath is apparently ginger tea. It can also be your get-go companion right after you eat something which can give bad breath. Pour in some lemon juice to up the effectiveness.

3. Spice for Nice Breath

Aniseeds or cloves can work wonders for your breath. Chew on them from time to time and stay blessed with an amazing breath. They’re excellent at fighting bacteria responsible for the bad odour.

4. Water, Water, Water

Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every meal. But, we can understand that you can’t do that because of the lifestyles we have. So, the way around this is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated fastens up the process of cleaning up debris stuck between teeth and also the harmful bacteria. Try to avoid sugary drinks.

5. Only Cinnamon, No Pun

Cinnamon is pro at reducing mouth bacteria, owing to its cinnamic aldehyde content. Just boil a teaspoon full of cinnamon powder, bay leaves, and cardamom in water. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with it from time to time. There you go, a wonderful homemade mouthwash.

So, these were the causes and remedies. Which do you feel is the most feasible in day-to-day life?