Singh Saab The Great Movie Review

Singh Saab The Great
Singh Saab The Great

Singh Saab The Great

Starring: Sunny Deol, Urvashi Rautela, Amrita Rao, Prakash Raj

Directed by: Anil Sharma

Music: Anand Raj Anand

If there is someone who has truly epitomized the power of a Singh in bollywood- it is the man with the “dhai kilo hand”, Sunny Deol! One of the finest actors, who has time and again impressed everyone purely with his acting skills, is back in action. Anil Sharma’s Singh Saab The Great not only marks the comeback of Sunny Deol as the same old action hero but also gives the audience a chance to relive the 80s era.

Plot: An honest and helpful collector Saranjit Talwar, pays heavily for his principles after his brush with one of the most cruel villain Bhudev Singh. The pain of his loss urges him to eradicate all the evil in the world.

Performances: A simple and loving man at heart with the courage of a lion, Sunny Deol is the apt choice for this role. He has exceptionally fused himself with the character and looks reasonably convincing. Although strong and confident in action sequences, he certainly shies away when it comes to romancing his heroines.

Debutant Urvashi Rautela, in her short role, does nothing but smile endlessly looking at her husband. The age difference between her and Sunny Deol does cause a hindrance in the chemistry that should have been there.

Amrita Rao fails miserably as a journalist. Her under-developed character is the certain reason behind her almost zero screen presence.

Prakash Raj is the real villain of bollywood. The evilness and cruelty shown by him makes you detest him wholeheartedly.

Music: The soundtrack of Singh Saab The Great has six songs composed by Anand Raj Anand. The album has some average compositions in contrast with what Anil Sharma’s films have delivered so far. The only song with an impressive effect is the title track composed and sung by Sunny Deol himself.

What’s good: Substantial performance by Sunny Deol and Prakash Raj is something to look out for. The film is full of masala just like the 80s era. The story is simple yet interesting and most of the sequences and characters are believable. The plot is old but has been executed well.

What’s bad:  The romantic angle between the leads could have been developed in a better way. The cinematography is tacky and the second half becomes a little dull. The soundtrack has some senseless songs.

For all the fans of Sunny Deol’s dhai kilo ka hath, Singh Saab The Great is an absolute treat to watch. If you miss watching the typical masala films of the 80s which at least had adequate drama to keep you engaged, this is one is for you. Singh Saab The Great is way better than the meaningless comedies and unrealistic action films. It is so good to have this dare-devil back.

Verdict: Watch Singh Saab The Great only if you are a true Sunny Deol Fan!

Rating: ***