Smart Cities Project: New Age Maps for Public Convenience

New Age Maps for Smart Cities

New Age Maps for Smart Cities

The Indian Government is looking to take recourse to smart maps to ensure the economic betterment of the country. These maps are supposed to provide real time data on different details such as traffic so that people can take necessary steps and save money spent on resources such as fuel. Thanks to these smart maps, it is expected that carbon emissions could be reduced by a million metric tonnes. This is the biggest benefit that the smart maps are supposed to provide.

Government Aiming to Create Smart Maps for Smart Cities

In addition, they are also supposed to help one provide quicker response in case of emergency situations and save a lot of lives. It is estimated that a maximum aggregate amount of 8 billion dollars could be saved by using these maps. The amount that can be saved on time and fuel has been estimated at 1.6 billion dollars. Dalberg Global Development Advisors and Confederation of Indian Industry have together brought out a report named Smart Maps for Smart Cities: India’s $8 Billion+ Opportunity, where the various advantages and applications of these maps in the context of smart cities, as well as India, have been shown.

Gaurav Gupta, Dalberg Asia’s Managing Director, states that the said report established the fact that if more liberal policies can be enacted then the mapping sector can be equipped with the finest possible technology. That way, there can be a certain level of growth in the innovation happening in the mapping industry, and society, in general, can be provided a beneficial tool, which will help it derive positive results on the socio-economic front.

There are several reasons why these maps are needed in India. About 25% of workers in urban areas travel for at least 90 minutes a day. Ambulances in India lose 25% of their response time while trying to locate addresses. More than 50% of people who live in the slums of cities are not aware as to where the nearest government office is located. 73% ladies feel physically unsafe while traveling at night and 53% of the costs incurred by logistics companies is for last mile deliveries. It is also estimated that by 2030 India will have to increase the capacity of its urban roads by 20%.

Mamata Banerjee Planning to Build Smart Cities across Bengal

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has recently renamed six districts in Bengal. The main idea is to establish smart cities in these areas. State government officials have stated that such a plan has been in the offing for some time now. According to them, it would be a mistake to consider these as mere renaming exercises. In some of these areas, the townships will be developed to become smart cities and in others, smart cities will be built from ground zero. The township of Kalyani, which is located in the Nadia district, will from now on be called Samridhi, once it is developed into a smart city.

Siliguri, which is a part of the Darjeeling district, will also be developed as a smart city and will be rechristened Teesta, which is an important river in northern Bengal. Bolpur, located in Birbhum district, is also on the CM’s radar and will be called Gitabitan once it becomes a smart city. Gitabitan is an anthology of poems authored by Rabindranath Tagore. Also in the pipeline are the industrial belts of Asansol and Durgapur, the area comprising Garia and Kamalgachhi in south Kolkata, and Gajoldoba in Malda.

Asansol and Durgapur are supposed to be renamed Agnibeena, which is a collection of poems penned by Kazi Najrul Islam. Garia and Kamalgachhi will be called Uttam City as a mark of respect to Uttam Kumar, probably the finest actor from Bengal and Gajoldoba will be called Muktatirtha. At the present moment, however, the plans are at a rudimentary stage and the state’s urban development ministry is busy working out the details. Banerjee is presently planning another city named Viswa-Bangla. However, the location of the city is not yet established in the popular domain.

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