The Enigma of Manikaran

Temple and Gurudwara in Manikaran
Manikaran – A place that assures a magical experience
Temple and Gurudwara in Manikaran
Manikaran – A place that assures a magical experience

Around 43 km from Kullu, Manikaran is one place that assures a magical experience to its travellers. While on a trip to Kullu and Manali, sparing a day to explore this destination would not be a regretful decision. Famous for its hot water springs, Manikaran has a lot more to impress all.

Following are the key highlights of Manikaran, but the place is far beyond imagination; an experience to be relived forever.

  • The surprise unfolds right when the journey begins. Roads are cumbersome for the drivers to navigate but the picturesque views are breathtaking.
  • The Sikh history and Hindu beliefs that behind this destination, are purely interwoven into the aura of Manikaran.
  • It is believed that by taking a bath in the hot water spring and by drinking the water, one can attain salvation. Uranium and other radioactive minerals present in its water also have curative properties.
  • The ‘Langar’ (or community kitchen that serves meals to all devotees) at the Manikaran Gurudwara is a must to relish. Interestingly, every meal is cooked in the hot springs and the tea made with this water need just half the sugar required to sweeten the tea!
  • The magical view of gushing river Parvati, and the vaporous clouds over the hot springs, together on one sight is magnificent.
  • Temple of Lord Ramchandra (with its history is engraved on its wall) and Shiv Temple (it got titled after a massive earthquake) are also popular.
  • Manikaran also serves as a gateway for challenging trekking destinations – Pulga, Khirganga, Barshani and Mantalai.

Allow the enigma of Manikaran to lure you too!


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