The return of HP to the smartphone market in India

It is expected that the HP will launch the 6 and 7 inch tablets in Indian markets during February and experts have been saying that if priced right these tablets have the capability to draw a lot of smartphone aficionados. The HP Slate 6 has a 6 inch display but a 720P resolution. Normally these phones have a 1080P HD resolution. The phone will be running on the 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. It also has front-facing stereo speakers and this, combined with the large screen as well as the 9mm thickness, will ensure the users have a fantastic experience whenever they are watching video clips or TV shows that are being streamed on demand. At present, these two forms of entertainment are at the top of the food chain with regards to mobile trends.


Google has recently executed a consumer patterns study where it has found that in India an increasing number of people are slowly choosing smartphones over television for their entertainment. India, according to the study, is the country that has the highest rate of such viewers in the world. The HP Slate 6 also comes with a 2 megapixel front-facing camera and a 5 megapixel back-facing camera. This should ensure that interested people can also use the phone to create their entertainment.


The Slate 7 Voice Tab is expected to be even better than Slate 6. It has a 7 inch screen, which enables it to be used to make voice calls. Its hardware specifications as far as cameras and speakers are concerned, are similar to that of Slate 6 but it is a little bit thicker than the latter at 9.5 mm. HP has not revealed what else is/are there as far as processors or other technicalities are concerned but it can be said for certain that they can be fitted with microSD cards so that storage capacities can be expanded later on.


The details pertaining to price are yet to be provided but HP has stated that after the initial launch it will be rolling out more such phones in India. The smartphone maker is looking to get a major foothold in India with these products and so it can be assumed that the phones too will be priced in such a way that they can counter the competition from entry level tablets and mid range smartphones.


It is also being expected that in 2014 India will be the second largest market for smartphones in the world with an estimated 225 million devices to be sold and this will relegate US to the third position.