Things to do in the North-East

Things to do in the North-East
Things to do in the North-East

Things to do in the North East

The unexplored terrain of the north-east is like that magical world concealed behind a door that only opens for a lucky few. The unexplored beauty of this part of the country makes it even more spellbinding that one could even imagine. For some reasons, the north-eastern states have been the least visited tourist destinations in India, in spite of being blessed with wondrous natural charm. Because of being culturally distinct, this region is often mistaken to be a foreign land. Whether it is the lack of knowledge or just the lethargy behind not wanting to discover something new, people rarely consider north-east for their recreational trips. Not many dare to explore the rustic bejewel of the states in the north-east; but those who do are stunningly baffled by what they discover! North-east has just so much to be tried out that one might actually need hell lot of a time to be through with everything! But just like any other place this region too has some significant things that are unique to the states in the north-east. Things which are a must do if you plan to take a trip to the north-east region. So today let me bring to you the some glimpses of the most popular things of the things that make these states a resplendent part of this country! A list of some of the most exciting things to be done in the north-east comes your way:

1. Attend the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland

Nagaland is a tribal state with a fairly rich cultural heritage and profound natural beauty. The tribes inhabiting this place celebrate festivals with utmost gaiety and fun. The Hornbill Festival, celebrated in the month of December, is the “Festival of the Festivals”! Rich, colorful, exhilarating and full of happiness, this festival is the biggest event of the north-east.

2. Try out Elephant Safari in Assam

A world heritage site, the Kaziranga National Park is like the identity of Assam. Though it houses about 40 species of mammals, it is precisely known for the one-horned rhino exclusively found at this place. To make the most of this park, try discovering the area on an Elephant Safari. The gaiting walk of the elephants will amuse you immensely.

3. Go for trekking in Yuksom

The Goechala trek in the state of Sikkim is the most popular trek of the north-east. It almost takes 7-8 days to cover the trek completely, though one could break the distance to make it convenient. Its remote location makes it one of the most interesting treks of India. This long stretch through the forests and valleys proves to be a trekker’s delight!

4. Sip in a cup of tea at the Tea Gardens of Assam

You have no idea about the authentic taste of the tea unless you have had a cup of the amazing black-tea of Assam. World’s largest tea growing region, Assam is a state of lush green tea gardens which not only produce the finest tea but also accentuate the beauty of the state. It is truly astonishing to see how every leaf of tea is meticulously chosen by the women of Assam.

5. Shop at the Mother Market in Manipur

The Ema Bazaar or the Mother Market is a very unique market run only by women. It proudly denotes the power of women in the society. Having built in the 1533 AD, it also qualifies as one of the oldest markets in India. Everything including handicrafts, pots, shawls, puppets, vegetables, local dishes etc. can be found at this market.

6. Camp at the valley of flowers in Dzukou

Dzukou Valley is one of the finest exemplars of unprecedented celestial beauty found in the north-east. Adorned by lilies and summer flowers, this valley is known for its biodiversity. The ambiance here is exceptionally quiet and serene and is considered to be ideal for the rejuvenation of the mind. The best time to visit this place is from June to September.

7. Enjoy Boating at the Umiam Lake in Meghalaya

Umiam Lake is a reservoir created by damming the Umiam River in the early 1960s. It is regarded as one of most visited tourist destinations in the north-east. The lake is used for various sporting activities such as Kayaking, Scooting, Water Cycling and Boating.

8. Watch Manipuri Rasleela

The cult of Radha and Krishna is an important part of the Manipuri Culture. The Rasleela performed by Krishna is imbibed in the Manipuri dance form and makes for a visual delight for its viewers. The divine feeling of watching the Rasleela is a priced possession for those who have ever watched this dance live.

9. Visit the Cleanest Village of Asia

Mawlynnong in Meghalaya has been acclaimed as the cleanest village in the entire Asian Continent. This village is surprisingly ec0-friendly with not even a single form of plastic to be found anywhere. Bamboo garbage bins have been placed at every corner to ensure cleanliness in the city. The atmosphere is extremely pure and mesmeric.

10. Raise a toast of the local Rice Beer

Rice Beer is made by preparing the brew using the rice grains. It is the traditional drink of the North-East especially amongst the tribals. It is the patent drink of all the celebrations especially in the north-east. Since it is alcoholic in nature, only a small amount is sufficient to get you topsy-turvy.