Ways To Save Money While Travelling

How to save money while travelling
How to save money while travelling?

How to save money while travelling

A satisfying trip is the one that relaxes your mind and saves your money! So, while planning your trip, take care to manage everything cost-efficiently. We see people cribbing after spending lavishly on their holiday trips. In such cases, the whole idea of going on a holiday becomes meaningless! The trip should not turn out to be a worry for the future. Money saved can give you much satisfaction at the end. Therefore, it is very essential for everybody to think smartly while planning the entire travel.  Here are some ways to cut costs on your holiday!

1. Go on Off Season Travel

As much as possible, try planning your vacation in the off season. Certain months of the year witness large number of travellers stepping out of their homes. Automatically the prices reach sky-high during this time. Travelling during an off-peak season will save you a good amount of money. Cheaper flights, accommodation, lesser crowds, better treatment etc. are some of the perks of travelling off-season.

2. Opt for a Package

Instead of booking everything separately, choose from the variety of holiday packages available online. Often these packages offer budget oriented deals which help you save a lot of money as well as time.

3. Book in Advance

Booking your tickets at least a month in advance will prove to be another money-saver for you! Remember, the earlier the better! Always book your tickets online for special discounts on airways. Also, try opting for mid-day flights rather than early morning or late night ones. Mid-day fights cost less.

4. Booking of Accommodation 

For accommodation, never do the bookings online. A direct talk with the hotel manager will give you a chance to get concessions. Do a research about the hotels available at the place you plan to visit and then choose wisely. Opt for budget hotels instead of looking for 5-stars.

5. Save While You Shop

The souvenirs might look smart, but never buy too many things. Shopping at certain places can sometimes be expensive. Tighten your purse strings when it comes to buying stuff from outside. Also, shop from the local markets instead of the tourist spots which are relatively expensive.

6. Cost of Meals

Food served at the hotels only adds to the unnecessary bills which could be very easily avoided. Instead of having your meals at the hotel, always move to the local eateries of that place. Not only will the food be tastier, but it will also be a lot cheaper.

7. VAT Refund on Souvenirs

Many countries refund as much as 25% tax on your souvenirs. So always keep your bill receipts and ask for the VAT form when you make your purchase. Check Global Refund for details about this rule.

8. Buy a Local Sim Card

While abroad, it is best to buy an international SIM card or the local SIM in the country you are visiting. Activating the roaming facility on your phone will prove to be very costly and will only add weight to the expenses.