Wearable Technology Is Taking Charge of Your Life!

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology which is a very dominant part of ubiquitous computing has evolved itself into a most demanding and essential product category. In our daily life wearable technology has become the most prominent part of our necessities.

Year 2014 has been proclaimed as ‘The Year of Wearable Technology’. It has changed every aspect of our life whether it is our way of work or our social life. It is no longer considered as a status symbol because of its all beneficial features and functions. The computing power has already been shifted from smartphones to these wearable gadgets. Most of the users of these wearable gadgets feel that their lives have been enhanced by this technology which is the next big revolution.

Wearable industry has come a long way since 1981 when Steve Mann invented the multimedia which could be worn as a backpack. In 1995 he invented world’s first convert wearable computer at MIT. Wearable technology has gone through 18 generations of development.

Wearable gadgets for footwear, watches etc

Wearable technology has stepped into every field whether it is for military purpose or for health and wellness industry or even in fashion and clothing industry. It has got its presence everywhere. There are innumerable types of wearable gadgets like footwear, wristbands, watches and so on. Actually it will transform every sphere of our life.

But the most commonly used wearable products are wristbands and watches whose designs are getting more and more sophisticated and smaller in size. All types of brands whether it is big or small brands are there in the market that has come up with different types of wearable gadgets. The only thing the consumers have to do is that they should have right information about the product’s quality and viability.

There are different types of wearable wristbands available in the market which provide with several types of features and functions. Different features of these bands include fitness tracking which can record your steps taken, distance travelled, your speed, sleep pattern and even how much calories you have burnt. The presence of optical sensors help you to get information on blood flow in the ears from which one can determine your heart rate. It can even show you the best time of your work out.

There are also other wristbands which can take your photos and can track them and other life events. Some of the wristbands can also be connected with the smartphones. So right from telling that where are you going to pointing out your route it can be helpful in many other ways.

What is watch-phone or smart watch?

Other than these wearable wristbands there are several types of smart watches available in the market. Nowadays computerized wristwatches are available in the market which has gone beyond showing time. They are sometimes called watch-phones as there are a few models which can run a mobile operating system and can fully function like a mobile phone which can make and answer your phone calls.

With the help of Bluetooth headset these smart watches can play FM radio and run audio and video files. Some can also function like a sport watch with activity tracker features for swimming, outdoor sport and for training sessions. They can communicate with modem, wireless headsets and other devices. Other features like GPS navigation, touch screen, compass, graphical display, map display etc. can also be included in these watches.

The main concern is that whether it is a wearable wristband or smart watch, users should go for something according to their own requirements. They should go for it after going through all the features of the wearable gadgets. But it is a fact that wearable technology has established its strong foothold in today’s world and 2014 is just the beginning of a new era of wearable gadgets which will continue to reign in popularity. But the big question mark is always there for the buyers about which one to choose.


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