Whether schools should be air-conditioned or not?

Everything is changing and whenever we go through a phase of transition many ifs and buts become part of this change. One such transitional situation that most of the parents in India are facing is whether they should put their kids in an air-conditioned or non air-conditioned school?

If you look around, then most of the private schools in big cities provide the facility of AC where as public as well as some old renowned private schools are without AC. Parents who can afford do not prefer government schools. But at the same time getting admissions in the non AC but the top most private schools mean either a very tough competition or hefty donation. So, you can say that unwillingly most of the parents have to put their kids in good private schools with AC. Do you think this facility is such a big deal and way to judge the school? Let’s have an insight on the issue.

Why parents are against the use of air conditioners at schools?

Most of the private schools in India to an extent provide the facility of air conditioners which by many parents is considered good and still most of the parents are against such facilities at schools. The major reason why they do not want to send their kids to a fully air-conditioned school is that such facilities might harm the development of kids. They might develop the habit of staying in a comfortable environment and this will make them physically weak. Also they won’t learn the hardships of life.

Not to have ACs at school is an Indian psychology. By just looking at the life in last decade it becomes clear that AC was considered as a big commodity even at homes. AC was really a status symbol. When I was a kid the thought of air conditioners at school was beyond imagination. Though many changes have taken place in the consumer market but as we have grown in that environment so our thinking is still the same. Therefore most of the parents who are not in the favor of air-conditioned schools believe that AC is a status symbol and it is a part wealthy people’s life.

Why schools and some parents are in the favor of AC schools?

One of the major reasons given by them is drastic changes in the climate. Due to these changes, summer temperature is setting new records each year which is increasing the need of such facilities at schools.

Second argument that goes in the favor of this statement is – Students can concentrate more in a comfortable environment. Moreover if all the offices, mall, shopping places, entertainment places and even home can have the facility of air conditioners then why not schools where kids spend most of their time.
Cases of heat stroke are also increasing in number as compare to past because of deteriorating health and other issues. This increases the need AC in schools as both parents as well as teachers want to give safe environment to the kids.

Bug infestation as well as deadly mosquitoes overgrows in summer. Over the past few years, in summer as well as rainy season there are huge number of dengue cases in India. Though other necessary precautions are also taken but with the use of ACs, room temperature can be maintained and bite of these bugs can be controlled to a certain extent at schools.


I think, use of AC can be there in schools but it limited to a minimum possible level because along with education, students must learn the importance of adaptability in life. Children should be prepared for real life right from the beginning. So bearing some hardship such as heat to an extent will be rewarding for them.

Schools can have air conditioners but these should be used only when the summer heat is high for the tiny tots to bear. Do not torture them just for the sake that you have gone through that. At the same time school authorities should make sure that all the classrooms are well-ventilated and must have enough fans so that there is no suffocation in the classrooms.