Why Kindness is more important than ever?

Kindness is honouring and supporting each other’s vulnerability which is essential to everything we do. It gives rise to compassion and a gateway towards healing. It is a path to freedom because it frees the hold of ego upon us.

Being Kind Helps You Grow

People who go through deep waters of suffering leave a wide wake if they choose to trust and forgive. Despite their grief, they send a massive message of hope and kindness to the world. The decision of being kind to everyone will never let you regret it in life. On the contrary, it will always help you to grow in life.

Acts Of Kindness During COVID-19

When the world was going through the most challenging phase, we witnessed how people were coming together to sing in balconies; others were making up groups to support the older adults. We all heard many stories of people having virtual movie nights and talking on video calls to counter loneliness. Coronavirus taught all of us to stay connected and kind to each other.

On 19th March 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the whole nation to thank them and boost the morale of doctors, nurses and emergency workers by drumming utensils and gongs. Clanging sounds were heard in the air for minutes in several parts of the country. In addition, some older people sang religious songs and shouted patriotic slogans to boost the morale of health workers. That day every Indian supported each other to stay strong in the difficult situation.

The second wave was deadly across the nation, where people were struggling to find hospital beds and cremation spaces to bid goodbye to their loved ones. Many people collected funds and arranged oxygen cylinders for those in need and stepped up with little gestures of kindness to acknowledge the tremendous work others are doing.

Actor Sonu Sood made numerous efforts by helping migrants return to their homes during the lockdown and facilitating oxygen and hospital beds. He is truly a superhero for every Indian citizen who inspires millions.

Many countries came together to support India in those tough days. Famous people like Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra collected funds through social media to fight against the disease.

As the pandemic continues, there are still a lot of people helping each other in need. Kindness plays a significant role in such times. From selling face masks and oxygen cylinders for free to playing and singing songs to entertain neighbours, the COVID-19 crisis sparked countless acts of generosity.

How to be Kind?

If you want to spread kindness and compassion to the people in your life, here are some simple ways to practice kindness every day:

Start helping those who are in need:

You can start donating money to charity homes, elder home care centres and others. If you don’t want to donate, you can make some extra food for poor people. You should be kind to animals as well. Feeding the street dogs every day can make you feel good.

Increase your awareness:

Start noticing kindness; because it’s all around you if you look for it. We humans never really know what someone is going through, so if you get a chance to interact with someone, always accept that opportunity and talk to them happily. Just keep raising your awareness level of others, and you will start noticing the kindness of others.

Start Appreciating Others:

If someone shows you kindness, no matter how small, appreciate it. Instead of ignoring it off and saying, “you didn’t have to do that,” keep smiling and whisper because the act of giving provides pleasure, so don’t make the other person regret their decision to be kind to you.

Be kind to people who are close to you:

We often take people for granted who are closest to us. Whenever you lose your temper, apologize for your behaviour immediately. Forgive and apologize to those you haven’t spoken to in years. By doing these things, you will feel lighter knowing you did the right thing. Start learning how your kindness can make others feel good with affection. If you give something, it always returns. So, keep spreading kindness to everyone with a big heart.