DIY | Top 3 Hair Oils To Resolve Hair Concerns

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Oil application in the hair is an integral part of our lives. It is essential to regularly oil massage your hair to keep it healthy and beautiful looking. The first and foremost important step in any hair care routine is oil application. Choosing the right oil and ingredients can be difficult as there is a range of products available in the market in today’s date. However, nothing can compete with the benefits and results of natural ingredients. Naturally extracted coconut oil is a perfect ingredient for healthy and good-looking hair, but the process is very time-consuming and challenging.

Below are the top 3 DIY hair oil recipes that one can make easily at home:

  1. You will need curry leaves, coconut oil, black seeds powder, onion juice, and fenugreek seeds powder for this oil. In 200ml of coconut oil, add 10-12 curry leaves, 1 tbsp of black seeds powder, 1 tbsp. Of fenugreek seeds powder and 50 ml of onion juice, mix it all in a large bowl. Put the mixture on a low flame and allow it to boil for a while. When the oil starts to bubble, take it off the flame and strain the oil from the mixture. The oil is now ready to use. You can store it for up to a week for the best results. It contains onion juice, fenugreek seeds and black seeds powder that are all important in reducing dandruff, stimulating hair growth and stops hair fall. Onion helps in boosting collagen to keep the hair more potent, and curry leaves contain beta-carotene, which also promotes hair growth.
  2. You will need mustard oil, onion juice, ginger juice, amla powder, fenugreek seeds, and black seeds for this remedy. Take a large bowl and in it, add 250ml of mustard oil with 3 tbsp. of ginger juice, 3tbsp. Onion juice, 1 tbsp. of amla powder, 1 tbsp. of fenugreek seeds and 1 tbsp. of black seeds, and boil them in low flame for 4 to 5 minutes. Then take it off the flame, strain the oil out, and apply it to your hair when it is slightly warm. You can store the oil for up to a week. Mustard oil is an ingredient that has been known for many years as beneficial for more robust hair growth and stronger hair. Ginger stimulates hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy. 
  3. You only need three ingredients for this hair oil: castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. Take a bowl in it, add 150ml of coconut oil, 2 tbsp. of castor oil and 50 ml of olive oil. Mix them well, and it is ready to use. You can store this oil for a month. Castor oil helps in keeping the hair lustrous and shiny. Olive oil helps repair damage and boost hair growth.