What is Bonsai Plants/Tree? Know Meaning and How to Maintain and Cultivate Them

bonsai plants tree photo
Bonsai Tree (Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash)

Bonsai is a Japanese art of cultivation of trees in small-sized pots so that they look like miniature versions of natural trees that are inside or around homes, used as decorations or for greenery. It is also a great hobby.

How to cultivate a Bonsai?

While choosing a bonsai for your house, you must keep certain factors in mind, such as the climate, soil type, pot size, and other requirements. Moreover, the plant will be indoors or outdoors is extremely important as outdoor trees will not survive inside.
After deciding on what type of tree you want, you can begin right with the seeds of your tree of choice, or if you want an easier way, you can choose the preset tree kit. These days many online sites are readily selling such easy bonsai starter kits as per your requirement. Although beginning with the seeds can be a cheaper method, it takes 2-3 years for such a tree to reach styling levels. If you’re looking for a hobby where you can immediately begin styling your bonsai, a pre-made kit is a way to go.

How to style a Bonsai?

Styling and shaping the bonsai is the part where you can let your creativity take over and have fun. It is important to remember that the tree needs to look like a miniature version or a replica of an actual tree in its proper habitat. To begin with, one should have a reference photo, which is a crucial step. You can buy concave pruning scissors instead of using normal Kitchen scissors. Pruning gives the tree its proper shape. Although it can be challenging, having a proper plan of action can help and make it easier. If there are two similar branches, cut one and let the other grow; for thick or increasingly twisting branches pruning them will help the plant grow properly.

How to maintain a Bonsai?

Maintaining a bonsai is an equally important step. Every tree has its requirements, such as the frequency of being watered. It also depends on the type of pot you use, the soil used and the climatic conditions. Watering a bonsai can be tricky as the roots can sometimes dry up because of being kept in small pots, or they could be overwatered and result in the roots rotting. There is no proper schedule for watering as it mostly depends on the needs of the tree. One should avoid scheduled watering; instead, one should water the tree as and when required.

Although a bonsai can be a tricky plant to take care of, it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience in the long run. It gives the planter the satisfaction of creating something so natural and beautiful from their own hands. Remember that it is a natural process; hence it is the perfect organic hobby for someone with the patience required for the task.