Boss Movie Review

Boss Movie

Boss Movie

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborthy, Shiv Pandit, Aditi Rao Hydari, Danny Denzongpa, Ronit Roy

Directed by: Anthony D’Souza

Music: Meet bros Anjjan, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Chirantan Bhatt and PA Deepak

Filmein sirf teen cheezon se chalti hain- Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment”– Vidya Balan’s much acclaimed notion about the movies has been truly put into action by the Khiladi Kumar. Yes! The Khiladi is back in form with his much hyped flick, Boss!  The intelligent punch lines and super-energetic songs shown in the trailers had created quite a buzz about this one, and thankfully the outcome does not disappoint. Anthony D’Souza, whose action-thriller Blue failed miserably on the box-office, has made a clever comeback with a full-fledged entertainer. Boss is a thoroughly entertaining masala flick that keeps you engaged with its impressive humour and impressive action.

Plot: Satyakant, a man of values and principles, abandons his son who grows up to become the Boss. Years later, the two cross path when Satyakant’s younger son falls in love with an ACP’s sister and gets into trouble. Here starts the real action and emotional drama, with ample doses of humor.

Performances: If there is someone who can deliver over-the-top punches with panache, it’s Akshay Kumar! There is no doubt that this man is blessed with a good sense of timing and a penchant for action. Boss, undoubtedly, belongs to Akshay. His charismatic and lively performance is the savior of the film.

Shiv Pandit and Aditi Rao Hydari have nothing to talk about. They seemed more like props used to support the script.

Danny Denzongpa does well in whatever short sequence he was assigned.

Mithun Chakraborthy comes out with a substantial performance that suits his persona.

Besides Akshay Kumar, the only one with a well-defined character is Ronit Roy. With a good grasp of his character, he indulges himself in the role with intensity and perfection. All in all, he brings out a performance full of impact.

Music: The soundtrack of Boss definitely rules like a boss! The music of this film is super-energetic and playful. With some of the most hip and groovy numbers, the album has been topping the charts ever since the music was released. All the tracks are highly entertaining and lovable. Special mention goes to the title track of Boss and ‘Party All Night’, the two songs that people have totally gone gaga over.

What’s good: The absorbing dialogues and stunning action sequences make the movie a complete entertainer. To complete the dish, there is a soulful soundtrack and of course, Akshay Kumar!

What’s bad:  The narration of the story goes haywire and could have been executed better. Certain sequences just seem unnecessary, adding to the length of the movie. The first-half requires considerable editing.

Anthony D’Souza’s Boss has worked well as a good masala entertainer. The movie is definitely fun to watch, with indulging humor and action. Even with some big flaws, Boss manages to catch your attention only because of Akshay Kumar. Watch Boss only for Akshay’s zesty performance!

Verdict: Unlike the boss at workplace, this Boss will entertain you profoundly!

Rating: ***