Good luck Jerry Review: A promising movie with a combination of crime and comedy

Based on the movie of Nelson Dilipkumar, Kolamaavu Kokila, an official remake is added in Bollywood. Good luck Jerry is a Hindi crime/drama movie which combines comedy and crime and talks about a middle-class family, including a mother and her two daughters. The Head or father of the family died in it, as it shows.

Director: Siddharth Sen Gupta

Producer: Subaskaran allirajah, Aanand L Rai and Mahaveer jain

Writer: Pankaj Matta

Streaming Platform: Disney + Hotstar

Sharbati, the only breadwinner in the family, sells momos. Her two daughters support her business. But Sharbati, the mother, falls ill, which becomes the movie’s turning point.


Jahnvi Kapoor has played the role of Jaya. Jaya belongs to Bihar but shifted to Punjab. Deepak Dobriyal is a young boy named Rinku who is funny and likes Jerry. Sahil Mehta is Jigar and played a young Sikh boy. He always chatters. Mita Vashisht has played the role of a mother whose husband has died. She sells momos. Jaswant Singh Dalal, as Timmy, is the leader of the drug gang. There are also supporting roles such as Neeraj Sood as Anil and Sushant Singh as Daler.

About movie

It is all about a middle-class family. Jerry, as Jaya Kumari, is the protagonist. The financial condition of the family is unstable. She works in a massage parlour against her family’s will while living with her widowed mother and younger sister, Cherry.

One day, she came across that her mother had lung cancer. To cure her mother, she joined the group of drug mafia. Being a girl from Bihar, Jerry finds it difficult. With innocence on her face, she supplies drugs. Moreover, she indulges in crime.

The turning point comes in the movie when she has to hide her illegal profession from her family, police, and neighbours. This triangle trap becomes the basis of the movie. It moves forward with the introduction of a new funny character Rinku. Rinku is a neighbourhood boy who likes Jerry and thinks Jerry is innocent.

As a mark of innocence, Jerry, as a drug dealer, successfully escaped under the nose of the police. Another turning point in the series comes in the movie when she decides to quit. A new angle gets added to the triangle. The film moves forward with a chase among the four angles of the movie.

Sahil Mehta, as Jigar, has played the role of an extrovert and an outspoken Sikh. Jigar’s dialogues add humour to the movie. He is also a member of a drug gang. At the same time, the lord of the gang is Timmy. Timmy trusts jerry for his innocence.

As a writer, Pankaj Matta has worked creatively. He tried to exhibit drug gangs’ reality and severe issues with a pinch of humour. Similarly, the characters in the movie have added stars with their delivery of dialogues. This movie further reveals how Jerry will earn money for her second-stage lung cancer treatment for her mother and how she managed to come out of the drug gang.

Performance of characters

With the finer acting of Jahnvi Kapoor, she drew more attention to her innocence. The drama of Deepak Dobriyal is praiseworthy. This film is promising and breaks the series’ monotony. The director successfully imparted the crime plot humorously.

IMDb rating: 6.2

Stars: 3.4

Released date: July 29, 2022