Kochadaiyaan: Movie Review


Kochadaiyaan Movie Poster

Release Date: 23rd May, 2014

Starring: Rajnikanth, Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff

Directed by: Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin

Music: A.R. Rahman

Duration: 2 hours

Indian Cinema is one of the most recognised entertainment industries around the world. Its proud 100 years’ milestone has not only accentuated the aura of its grandeur but has also urged the Bollywood to gambit on a different level altogether. The result of this impulse is a proficiently made movie Kochadaiyaan, which is a brilliant exemplar of a prodigal use of technology. Since this movie is associated with astounding mastery, who other than the master himself would have done the job?! Yes, Kochadaiyaan brings the eternal master Rajnikanth back to the silver screen with a dynamic performance. Kochadaiyaan is a special movie, not only because it stars superstar Rajnikanth but also because superior 3D animation techniques have been used in its making. It is a period film which has been inspired from the life of King Ranadhiran.

Plot: Kochadaiyaan narrates the story of King Rana, whose only aim in life is to take revenge of his father’s death by killing the king of Kotiyapatnam.

Performances: Only a fool could dare to describe Thalaiva’s capabilities! The profound dexterity of Rajnikanth is a word of mouth all around the world. Even in an animated avatar, he is full of grace and enchantment. The demi-god stature of this man is the gift his fans have bestowed on him for his supreme talent, which he lives up to every time he comes to the screen.

Deepika Padukone does her part very well, even though the animated version poses limitations on her capabilities.

Jacky Shroff, Sath Kumar and Nagesh also deserve much appreciation for a very well done performance.

Music: Yet another prodigy comes to lend support to a project as ambitious as Kochadaiyaan. The musical master A.R. Rahman is the intelligent composer of the music; therefore, it had to be very special. Each and every song of Kochadaiyaan is magnificently soulful and touching. Brilliantly composed and written, this album is surely a golden collection of some of the most heart-melting numbers.

What’s Good: The best thing about the movie is indeed the presence of Rajnikanth! The 3D effects used in the making are undoubtedly resplendent when compared with other movies of this type. The efforts deployed in making the animated avatars look as good as real, and are worth lauding. The script is interesting and well carved. The soulful music album of this movie is like the cherry on the cake.

What’s Bad: Though the technologies used in Kochadaiyaan are much more superior to any other Bollywood film of this sort, nonetheless the animation industry still has a long way to go to be able to match the productions of the Hollywood.

Kochadaiyaan is indeed a fairly unique film that re-defines the traditional form of film-making in Bollywood. With its stupendous use of technology, it does qualify as one of the best 3D animated movies, yet it doesn’t prove itself worthy of its claims. Nonetheless, the fact that it stars Rajnikanth is enough for you to watch this film at least once!

Verdict: Watching Rajnikanth on the big screen is no less than a visual treat!

Rating: ***1/2