List of Five Short Films One Should Watch On YouTube

Must Watch Short Films Which Deserves Our Attention
Outstanding Indian Short Films on YouTube

With the rise of short-form content on OTT platforms, YouTube has provided plenty of great content free of cost. Youtube is the perfect place for exposure and creating a base for your work for most creators who aren’t provided opportunities with significant funding or large media. Thanks to the ever-growing internet, people from all over the world find and watch content on YouTube.

One of the most popular mediums of content is short films. They’re not time-consuming and sometimes have better storylines and twists than most full-fledged movies. As web series find stronger footing in India, many famous and prominent Bollywood artists are working for Short films and making much better content than half-cooked slow ‘masala’ movies.

If you’re new to the world of short films and find yourself bewildered looking at the range YouTube has to offer, here’s a list of five Indian short films you should watch:


Running time: 14 minutes

The mythological story of Ahalya is about a young and beautiful woman. God Indra one day decides to fool her by disguising himself as her husband and to lure her. When her real husband comes home, he immediately curses Ahalya and turns her into a statue. That’s all you need to know before watching this short film. This movie starring Radhika Apte, is a feminist take on the very tragic fate of Ahalya. Radhika Apte’s acting, her leisurely way of speaking will make you feel enamoured throughout the fourteen minutes of the film.


Running time: 15 minutes

Manoj Bajpayee plays the role of a married man having an extramarital affair. He has just told his wife he wants a divorce and is on his way to meet his mistress. What happens next is a series of ‘ouches’. The movie isn’t in-your-face feminism but a more subtle take on gender inequality and how fragile the male ego can sometimes be. The film isn’t time-consuming and fun to watch. So put this one on and let Manoj Bajpayee’s expressions sway you when you need a good laugh.


Running time: 20 minutes

This film has Tapsee Pannu in the lead. Tapsee plays a young woman who teaches other women self-defence techniques and martial arts. Two skills which are unfortunately essential for women in today’s society. However, her life takes a different trajectory when her own brother is caught assaulting another woman. This film is loosely inspired by Mahabharata and gives it a fresher and modern outlook. Tapsee Pannu’s is always a sight to behold, and her actions will have you feeling every emotion alongside her. This is a must-watch for anyone who’s a Tapsee Pannu fan.


Running time: 19 minutes

Radhika Apte and Manoj Bajpayee in one movie? Yes, of course. Manoj is a troubled rich man who is mentally unstable. Radhika Apte plays his Psychologist, who is helping with his treatment. This one has a twist you will probably not see coming. 

Interior Cafe Night

Running time: 13 minutes

Naseeruddin Shah is a veteran Bollywood actor with decades of experience. This film proves this in the best way. All he needs is a single facial expression, and he can convey emotions that people can’t put to words. The story is heartwarming about love and loss and everything that comes with it. Different lighting and camera modes are used to convert different perspectives alone make this movie a must-watch. In addition, the quaint cafe ambience helps set the mood of the story.