Mirza Juuliet Review – A Movie Best Forgotten

Mirza Juuliet: Movie Review

Mirza Juuliet: Movie Review

Cast – Darshan Kumaar, Piaa Bajpai, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Swanand Kirkire, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Hemant Kumar Pandey

Directed by – Rajesh Ram Singh

Produced by – Neeraj Kumar, Amit Singh, Ketan Maru

Production House – Green Apple Media, Falansha Media Private Limited, Shemaroo Entertainment

Screenplay by – Shanti Bhushan

Duration – 2 hours 10 minutes

Genre – Drama

Censor Rating – A

Darshan Kumaar – Piaa Bajpai starrer Mirza Juuliet is director Rajesh Ram Singh’s modern-day version of the classic tale of star-crossed lovers Mirza and Saahiban. But if you are a die-hard romantic and love the classic tales of Romeo-Juliet, Mirza-Saahiban, and Heer-Ranjha, keep off this movie. If you are a Bollywood fan and like entertaining flicks, keep off this movie.


Mirza Juuliet starts off with a political murder camouflaged as a religious conflict in a small town, Mirzapur, in Uttar Pradesh. The dead politician’s family is a rather influential one and his sex maniac nephew Rajan Pandey (Chandan Roy Sanyal) is set to marry Julie Shukla (Pia Bajpai).

Julie (aka Juuliet) is a feisty, tomboyish young woman and is the sister of Dharamraj (Priyanshu Chatterjee), a political goon from one of the political families. The contrast between Julie and her abused sisters-in-law in a patriarchal and regressive household is stark.

Julie then meets her childhood friend Mirza (Darshan Kumaar). Julie tries to discuss her fiancé’s antics with her friend, but the two eventually end up getting involved despite their religious differences. Later, when Julie is raped by her fiancé and her family tries to hush up the entire episode with crude chauvinistic explanations, Mirza and Julie elope with the latter’s brothers hot in pursuit. What fate holds for the unlikely couple is anybody’s guess.


The leading pair is a complete let down. Darshan Kumaar, who has established himself as a talented actor, comes across as tired and uninterested. For most part of the movie he looks confused. Pia is beautiful and sprightly. In her efforts to come across as strong and outspoken, though, ‘Juuliet’ sounds crass and loud. None of the supporting cast raise above average. Chandan Roy Sanyal had the opportunity to carry the film. A lustful villain with a streak of dark humour could have just made it happen. He too fails to make a mark. Priyanshu Chatterjee is the only one who puts on a bearable act.

Rajesh Ram Singh should take a long, hard look at the movies he picks. He should also get down to watching really good Bollywood and Hollywood movies and take a call about his future as a director. At the current pace, he has no place in the industry.

Music Review – Mirza Juuliet

The songs of Mirza Juuliet are composed by Krsna Solo and the lyrics are by Sandeep Nath. The film’s music is an average fare. While “Teri Razamandi” attempts to create magic, there is only so much that a single number can do to save a sinking movie. “Tukda Tukda” is light and likable.

Soundtracks –

“Tukda Tukda”

Duration: 3:02

Singer: Asees Kaur

Tukda Tukda is a light breezy number, very soothing and very hummable. This love song is likely to become popular this year. Asees Kaur shines.


“Seene Mein Lagi”

Duration: 2:43

Singer: Javed Bashir

Krsna Solo brings in his signature Qawali style with this fast paced number. Again, good on the ear but not outstanding.


“Muhabbat Ko Misuse”

Duration: 2:39

“Muhabbat Ko Misuse” (Remix)

Duration: 3.49

Singer: Krsna Solo

Muhabbat Ko Misuse is a quirky, fun number sung with a Bhojpuri accent. Serves to relieve some of the tense moments in the film.

The remixed version (DJ Notorious) fails spectacularly.


“Teri Razamandi”

Singer: Javed Ali

A typical Qawali song – soul stirring, well sung, and beautifully composed. Teri Razamandi is probably the best number of the film.

Music Release – Zee Music Company

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What’s Good, What’s Bad?

We shall not even attempt to enumerate what is good in Mirza Juuliet. Nothing is.

Director Rajesh Ram Singh’s Mirza Juuliet is a failure on many fronts. Neither does it deliver a sad but sweet love story, nor does it send out a strong message about the need to empower women. It is not even a story of political intrigue. While one can only guess which of these messages the director set out to deliver, the audience can only lament the waste of money and time that must have gone into making this Darshan Kumaar – Piaa Bajpai starrer.

The script is about as weak as the direction; the action as stale as Darshan’s expressions. The music is better streamed through your headphones than in the movie. But only just. The cinematography warms up at times (like during Seene Mein Lagi), but has not been given a chance to stand out.

Mirza Juuliet has one and only one lesson to offer. A generous use of cuss words and expletives, supposedly raunchy discussions about sex, and an “A” rating from the censor board are not nearly enough to keep the box-office collections pouring.

Our Verdict

The best you can do this weekend is forget all about Mirza Juuliet and save yourself the time and money.

Rating – * (1 star)