One by Two Movie Review

StarringAbhay Deol, Preeti Desai, Lilette Dubey, Rati Agnihotri

Directed byDevika Bhagat


Focus on one thing and you can finish all on your list; focus on all, and not even one will be accomplished! This is exactly what the actor-turned-producer, Abhay Deol, has done with his debut production One by Two. Pretty much a drag in every sense, One by Two is not even half-close to what a sensible film looks like. Devika Bhagat’s directorial debut is a huge disappointment for the audience as they expected a lot from an actor like Abhay Deol. One by Two proffers two different stories about two individuals who are frustrated with their unfulfilled dreams. Having claimed to be a romantic comedy, the film has neither romance nor comedy!

PlotTwo different individuals, dealing with post-breakup mood drags, find themselves totally petrified with frustrations of a meaningless life. How they deal with complications of their lives is what you get to know in One by Two.

PerformancesIt is absolutely heart-breaking to see such a talented actor wasting himself this way. A brilliant actor otherwise, Abhay Deol just fails to perform in this one.

Debutant Preeti Desai, Abhay’s real life fiancée, looks pleasantly attractive but lacks what it takes to be an actor.

Senior actors Lilette Dubey and Rati Agnihotri are good but are cut short because of less screen space.

MusicThe music of the film has been composed by the talented trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Nonetheless, the soundtrack is surprisingly boring. The trio, popular for composing some of the most energetic and soulful numbers, leaves the listeners disappointed with the dull compositions.

What’s GoodHow I wish I could name at least one good thing about this film! But, alas, the movie fails so completely that it’s impossible to do so!

What’s Bad: Everything associated with this movie: you name it and I will say yes!

I am extremely disheartened to see talent being wasted this way. Perhaps Abhay Deol should have just concentrated on establishing his acting career first rather than trying to kick off as a producer. As they say, if you row two boats at the same time there are chances of falling off both of them. One by Two flows meaninglessly in different directions. The story doesn’t seem to be in sync, the actors themselves seem to be bored, the music lacks spark, and it is way too long for a film to drag itself unnecessarily. In a nutshell, One by Two is good to be ignored than watched.

VerdictA million-dollar advice: skip watching this one if you don’t want your brain damaged!

Rating: *