Ragini MMS 2 Movie Review

Ragini MMS 2
Ragini MMS 2

Ragini MMS 2

Starring: Sunny Leone, Saahil Prem, Parvin Dabbas, Karan Mehra, Sandhya Mridul, Divya Dutta

Directed by: Bhushan Patel

Music: Meet Brothers Anjjan, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Pranav Rijja, Chirantan Bhatt

If Ekta Kapoor chooses to produce something, there has to be enough commercial reasons behind it! And after watching Ragini MMS 2, I second that! Continuing with the thrill and horror that its prequel managed to generate, the much awaited Ragini MMS 2 is finally here to petrify you to the core. Starring the sensational Canadian Star Sunny Leone, the sequel not only turns out to be all the more spooky and but also exceedingly dirty. Ragini MMS 2 is a surprisingly balletic blend of creepy horror and sudoric erotica.

Plot: Starting from where the prequel had ended, Ragini MMS 2 takes forward the story of Ragini who has been sent to a mental asylum after the mysterious death of her boyfriend. A director decides to film the story of Ragini at the same bungalow where the incident took place. The uncanny paranormal activities that begin to surmount the house, eventually reveal the enshrouded story of that place.

Performances: It does not happen every day that you watch a Sunny Leone film and walk out praising her performance! Sunny is learning to act and Ragini MMS 2 is a proof of that. The movie gives her a chance to be exactly what she is and perhaps which is why she looks much more real than ever.

The other actors who are genuinely worth watching are Karan Mehra and Sandhya Mridul. The two of them with their gimmick give you a quick relief from the tension that accumulates due to horror.

Divya Dutta has been totally wasted by the director.

Music: An album that brings together a host of composers, gives us a good brew of some of the most fun-filled numbers. The album may be less in quantity but is definitely more on quality. Songs like “Baby Doll” and “Char botal vodka” have already found their place at the top position in the music charts.

What’s Good: A good back-story combined by a good sense of direction and execution gives Ragini MMS 2 a good value for money.  Keeping up with the theme of the film, it has ample spine-chilling moments. The music of the movie is already a big success.

What’s Bad: Excessive vulgarity and lack of novelty in the screeching noises and voices.

Even though Ragini MMS 2 would remind you of the Hollywood release “The Conjuring” in the first go, it will eventually absorb you in its own mirage. Threaded by enough freaking moments of horror and erotica, the movie definitely proves to be everything it had claimed. To much surprise, Ragini MMS 2 makes for a good watch this weekend!

Verdict: Not for the weak-hearted!