This is How Film Shoots will Happen During COVID-19; Dos and Don'ts On The Set

Dos and Don’ts to follow on the film sets to contain the spread of Covid-19

It seems like the world has come to a halt for COVID-19 and the film industry is no different. But as India’s lockdown has reached stage four, some of the industries are reopening. While a question mark is hanging on whether the shooting of a film can resume, the bigger question is what if they do?

In an interview with Film Companion, Dr Maherra Desai (Clin Psy) and Dr Rajesh M Parikh (director of medical research and Hon. neuropsychiatrist), the authors of ‘The Corona Virus: What You Need To Know About The Global Pandemic’ advised a list of dos and don’ts on a film set that should be considered as a precautionary measure.

Here is the list of dos and don’ts which one must follow during film shoots:

Assess the Need to Work

The experts say that the risk of COVID-19 will continue even after the lockdown is over. Hence, it is important to evaluate the urgency of the work.

Evaluate the Scripts

As Coronavirus is a contagious disease which spreads mainly by droplets produced as a result of coughing or sneezing, physical contact between actors should be avoided. If this cannot steer clear of, then consider quarantine the actors for 14 days prior to the shoot.

Consent for Fieldwork

Transparency is of utmost importance. Production companies should obtain consent from members in writing. And inform them about the risks involved in fieldwork and educate them the precautionary measures.

COVID-19 Supervisors should be on Standby

Before starting with a project, all cast and crew should be provided with a safety training including cleaning and disinfection procedure. Further, a dedicated COVID-19 supervisor should be assigned to the set.

Record of Medical History

Before the beginning of the shoot, all crew members should be asked for medical history. The experts also suggest daily checking of the health status of crew members. Also, an unwell crew member should not report to work and should inform the supervisor.

Minimum Staff

The production of the team must consider minimum staff capacity and demand should be less for extras. No family and friends should be allowed on the sets. Further, foreign actors and crew members might require governmental approvals; hence a detailed guideline should be followed in the same regards.

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This is How Film Shoots will Happen During COVID-19; Dos and Don'ts On The Set
Article Name
This is How Film Shoots will Happen During COVID-19; Dos and Don'ts On The Set
Coronavirus has brought the film shoots and even the release of many films to a halt. In this article, we bring you how the film shooting will happen during Covid-19. Also, find the list of dos and don'ts which one must follow on a film set.