Total Siyappa Movie Review

Total Siyappa
Total Siyappa

Total Siyappa

Starring: Ali Zafar, Yami Gautam, Kirron Kher, Anupam Kher

Directed by: E Niwas

Music: Ali Zafar

Only if I had worked on my instincts to judge the movie by its name, I would not have to undergo this mental harassment. Total Siyappa! Exactly! This is the first word that will come out of your mouth after watching this movie. With such witty and joshing promos, it was very natural to expect a laugh-riot from the film. Unfortunately what unfolds on the screen is hopelessly contrary. This was definitely not expected from a banner who has given movies like “A Wednesday” and “Special Chhabbis”.

Plot:  An innocent Pakistani Muslim boy is introduced to his Punjabi girlfriend’s family. What follows is a total pandemonium of events as this simple guy gets to know this Punjabi cuckoo family.

Performances: Ali Zafar is not only blessed with heart-melting looks but also with an extremely melodious voice. And thanks to his interest in films, we have had a chance to testify his acting skills. Only if he had got a chance to prove himself, he would have been of the most promising actors in the industry. Unfortunately, Total Siyappa takes away his chance to adduce his talent.

Yami Gautam is indeed a fresh face which can eventually find a place in bollywood. With only two films in her kitty, its too early to judge her acting skills. Nonetheless, she seems to have a fairly good grasp of how to make her presence felt.

A brilliant actor otherwise, Kirron Kher fails to bring in that comedy that she is capable of. Even her loud Punjabi accent, doesn’t do any good for the film.

Anupam Kher has been blatantly wasted. He looks lost in an unstructured script.

Music: The lead actor himself has utilized his musical talent to compose the music for Total Siyappa. Looking at his past deliveries, a lot was expected from Ali in this album. However, the soundtrack offers nothing but some fairly average compositions. Tracks like “Palat meri jaan” and “Nahi maaloom” are good enough to be heard over and over again.

What’s Good: The film is actually an intelligent manifestation of subtle humor. Only if the direction would have worked out well, the film could have been a stellar. The insane buffoonery in the film does manage to generate laughter at intervals. The actors are good to watch.

What’s Bad: Despite of being termed as a potential comedy, the film turns out to be pale with forced humor.

A fair attempt to strike the funny bone while using the India-Pakistan ruffle, fails to work out for Total Siyappa. The basic principles of a romantic-comedy are missing throughout the movie. You can neither feel love nor laugh a the lame buffoonery. Better luck next time Ali Zafar!

Verdict: Avoid engaging yourself in this total siyappa!

Rating: **