What the Fish: Movie Review

What the Fish
What the Fish

What the Fish

Starring: Dimple Kapadia, Manjot Singh, Anand Tiwari, Manu Rishi

Directed by: Gurmeet Singh

Music: Amartya Rahut, Indraneel Hariharan, Dhruv Dalla, Sandeep Chatterjee

There was a time when cinema was the biggest source of entertainment in our lives. When watching a movie could change your mood for the better! Gone are those days and gone are those movies which could be watched over and over again. The kind of movies that are being made today give us nothing but a good headache! Gurmeet Singh’s What the Fish would be a perfect example of that. What the Fish is a desperate attempt by the director to weave out an interesting slapstick comedy, which fails miserably.

Plot: Sudha Mishra, a cranky old lady, leaves her house to the responsibility of her niece’s fiancé with two austere instructions- to feed the fish and water the plants! What happens in her absence is like a lame nightmare for the audience!

Performances: Dimple Kapadia was supposed to be the leading lady of the film but with such a short screen space she ends up giving a guest appearance. Nonetheless, even in a short role she manages to grab your attention with her impressive acting skills. She is absolutely entertaining and funny. Had there been more of her in the film, it would have definitely worked in the favor of the director.

There is nothing much to talk about the rest of the unfamiliar faces in the film.

Music: Just as the movie itself, the soundtrack of the movie is good to ignore!

What’s good: Undoubtedly, Dimple Kapadia!

What’s bad: Everything!

Gurmeet Singh’s What the Fish is one film that incredibly goes by it’s title! The film is full of absurdity and lameness. The idea behind the film was innovative but it failed to work out because of grousy execution! No question of watching the movie even once!

Verdict: Seriously Gurmeet Singh, What the Fish!

Rating: *