ElectroMagnetic Field Emissions: Meaning, Sources, Effects And More

What are electromagnetic field emissions?

The electric and magnetic fields of force together form Electromagnetic Fields (EF). The difference in voltage forms electric fields. When the voltage becomes higher, the resultant field will be stronger. Magnetic fields are proportional to the electric current. The flow of electric current gives rise to magnetic fields.

If the current flow is high, the magnetic field will be stronger. Similarly, the absence of current flow will give rise to an electric field.

Two Sources Of Electromagnetic Fields:

  • Natural sources of electric magnetic fields 

Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere but invisible. These electromagnetic fields are produced using natural methods. They are formed by natural phenomena such as thunderstorms, high tides, landslides, etc. The frequency of the natural electromagnetic field is measured through a compass needle or by natural methods, such as through the direction of birds in the sky or fish in water.

  •  Man-made sources of electromagnetic fields

The artificial sources of electromagnetic fields include the fields formed by humans. Such as X-rays. X-rays diagnose a patient’s broken part or bone of the body. The electricity obtained from domestic power sockets is also linked to the low frequency of electromagnetic fields.

Higher frequency radio waves disseminate information through TV antennas, radio stations, or mobile phone stations.

 What happens when a person becomes a victim of electromagnetic emissions?

Electromagnetic emissions depend on the voltage. The higher the voltage, the stronger the emission will be. Similarly, emissions will also be low or weak if the voltage is low. If a person becomes a victim or is exposed to electromagnetic emissions, they are charged by the emissions; the person becomes a victim due to natural chemical reactions in the normal body part that is exposed to them.

For example, the signals from nerves transmit electric impulses to the whole body to act. Similarly, biochemical reactions from the digestive system to the nervous system. The current flows through the body and reaches the ground. Here, the human body becomes the mediator.

 What are the effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 2016, biological effects or health effects of electromagnetic fields are not necessarily harmful to the human body. The human body has several mechanisms that adjust the effects of electromagnetic emissions. On the other hand, the WHO listed some strong emissions in 2016, which caused mild harm to people.

1. Physical effects on the human body

Some people have shown symptoms of low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields, such as headaches, anxiety, suicide, depression, loss of libido, nausea, fatigue, etc.

2. Effect on Pregnant women

WHO specified some natural and human resources that expose humans to electromagnetic fields. Such as computer screens, waterbeds, electric blankets, radio frequency welding machines etc. It is also stated that these sources do not cause any harm to pregnant women like abortions, low birth weight diseases, or malformations.

3. Cancer-fighting

On the other hand, if the high emission of electromagnetic fields causes diseases in people, it will be beneficial for those people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Those electromagnetic fields affect the cancer patient. It decreases the risk of cancer. But for some people, it does not affect them. There is no significant increase in the risk of child or adult patients.

4. Impacts on the environment 

Radars and other devices that emit electromagnetic field radars are used for navigation and forecasting daily weather. The radar emits microwave signals that are harmful to the health of vegetation, insects, animals, humans, aquatic animals, etc.