General Elections 2014: Day 29

Media lapped brotherly appreciation
Media lapped brotherly appreciation

General Elections 2014 Diary - Day 29

If someone does some good work and if some appreciates it, should it feature as a primetime national news and hog all the limelight possible? Yes, if the person who has done the good work is Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and the person praising him is his estranged cousin brother and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member, Varun Gandhi.

Apparently, Varun Gandhi had emphasised on the fact there is a need for small-scale industries, the kind of self-help groups that Rahul Gandhi has successfully set up in Amethi. Hearing this, Rahul Gandhi was quick enough to jump in and acknowledged the praise, saying that he is really happy that his work is being appreciated by others.

Well, that was it! Rahul’s acknowledgement was splashed all across the place and the media wasted no time in analysing the faux pas, the uneasiness between the brothers and at the same time the understanding between them, and hordes of other issues. Bogged down by all this, Varun reacted, “My statement should NOT be seen as an endorsement of any political party or candidate.”

If there is genuine, appreciable work happening, is it wrong to acknowledge that? Wouldn’t our elections move into a different league if each party began acknowledging the accomplishments of the other party, and started drafting their manifestoes over and above these accomplishments?

Moveable assets worth Rs. 2.81 crore and immovable assets worth Rs. 6.47 crore, which includes an ancestral property in Italy worth Rs. 19.90 lakh, land valued at Rs. 4.86 crore in Deramandi village, another land worth Rs. 1.40 crore in Sultanpur village. And yes, a loan of Rs. 9 lakh to her son and no vehicle in her name. This sums up the assets of Congress President Sonia Gandhi who filed her nomination from Raebareli in Uttar Pradesh today.

She also met up with Jama Masjid Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari at her residence today. The meeting was apparently to discuss the various issues faced by the minority community, but BJP is crying hoarse that Sonia was trying to woo Muslim votes. Sonia defended violently saying that Congress is not in the game or business of polarisation (of votes). But just in case, Sonia has managed to secure the Muslim votes, it can indeed be a major boost for the Congress.

Comedy of errors:
BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is not a good orator – nothing compared to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
(Later, when it is all over the media)
Ooopppss… what I said has been distorted by the media. It was a mere assessment by me. Earlier, I had made a similar comment about veteran leader L.K. Advani wherein I had said that his speaking skills are not too great.

Well, that is BJP firebrand leader Uma Bharati for you. In an attempt to douse the burning fire, looks like she has picked up a can of fuel instead of water.

“We will free all the Muslims framed in false terror cases in the country. We will give Muslims reservation on the basis of their population…we will…we will…” Arrey, minority ke liye kuch jada hoyega…now give something to upper castes also. “We will set up an “Upper Caste Commission” to look into the proposal of extending reservations to the “poorer” among them. We will…we will…”

That is the Samajwadi Party (SP) manifesto. It is trying to woo the upper caste as well as the minority community. The minority has always supported SP but the current Akhilesh’s government’s inept handling of Muzaffar riots may play spoilsport in this election. Hence, SP is taking no chances and has stressed on a special attention to Muslims even while keeping the upper caste happy.

The BJP also released a Delhi-specific manifesto today where there are lot of promises – granting full statehood, reducing power tariff by 30 per cent and controlling price rise within one month. They certainly have miles to go before they sleep.

Considering the performance of women polling personnel in previous elections, the Election Commission is setting up nine all-women polling stations in Tripura. Well, that is good news for the ladies. But one lady is undergoing some tough times.

“Neither did anyone kiss me nor did I slap anyone.” Actor turned politician Nagma clarified today. Oh! Which means the video that showed Congress legislator Gajraj Singh grabbing her face and kissing her, and the other video which showed her slapping a youth in Meerut were all fabricated.

Is there any way where a common man can differentiate between the truth and lies, between reality and fiction?

Election season can surely be tough on us – the common people. Different netas with different versions! When we just begin to believe in one, the other runs him down or proves him false, leaving us with no choice than to drown in confusion.

Addressing different rallies in the same constituency of Nawada in Bihar were Janata Dal (United) leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, and Modi. Nitish Kumar said, “There is only one person everywhere – on TV, radio, at rallies….talking about Gujarat development. But one should not forget the role the person concerned played during Gujarat riots. A person who can divide a country cannot rule.”

For a change, Modi did not take a direct dig at Nitish. Baksh diya usey is baar. Instead, he tore down the Centre saying that animals are being slaughtered and taken to Bangladesh.

At another rally, he said that the Congress is a party of mother and son, the SP is a father, son and daughter-in-law party, the RJD is a husband and wife party, the JMM is a father and son party. Dynastic politics has no importance in a democracy.

Meanwhile, brimming with confidence, Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal questioned the Modi wave and said if the wave was for real, then Modi would not have been contesting from two places – Varanasi and Vadodra. He was campaigning for AAP candidates in Delhi today and said that he is sure he will defeat Modi.

While there are numerous opinion polls doing rounds, Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar has come up with his own prediction – BJP will emerge as the single largest party but the National Democratic Alliance will run short of the magic figure to form the government.

Please wait for May 16, Pawar…we all are in fact – the day this election madness will be brought to a logical conclusion.

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