General Elections 2014 – Day 33

Elections first, manifesto afterwards is the new mantra of BJP.
Elections first, manifesto afterwards is the new mantra of BJP.

General Elections 2014 Diary - Day 33

Elections first, manifesto afterwards is the new mantra of BJP. Together we stand, but please don’t ask us what we are standing for and please remember BJP has not released any manifesto, hence no promises to question us about. This seems to be BJP’s message to electorate.  Importantly, in this super-hyped elections, does anyone really bother except media whether manifesto has been released or not? News has just come in that BJP may release its manifesto on Monday any time. Congratulations, your speed reflects your commitment. On BJP, BJP got some taste of its own medicine, two FIRs have been filed against its UP election chief, Amit Shah. Of course BJP was quick to go on record with “We are holy cows and it is abuse of police” – familiar stances, but would they help in keeping Amit Shah out of police custody? Let us wait and watch.

Humour would always find its path and those who are most stressed are likely to enjoy it the most too.  On being called “runaway”, “runaway” by every BJP supporter in every city, Kejriwal decided to answer it differently – he went on record saying that he had not run away with anyone’s daughter and he had only resigned as BJP and Congess had joined to not allow him to function. Yes sir, we know you are very much here.

Adding parties to NDA alliance is amongst the top priorities for BJP, they had a big catch in TDP, but this big catch came at a big cost too. BJP could get only 13 seats to contest in combined Andhra with TDP keeping the balance with it. Andhra elections have one less component but still almost all seats would see four or more serious candidates, and most seats in proposed Telangana state would see five.

Manifesto delayed is not the only issue bothering BJP’s “event managers,”  there is still a large section within party including Advani Ji who keep on showing their resentment to “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar” ideology and posturing. They feel it has been overdone and nobody can be bigger than the party. But it looks like Mr. Modi doesn’t want anybody to hear anything other than “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar.”

There are likely to be at least 25 villages in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh where NOTA (None of the above) would be the first choice. Fed up with mockery of promises and difficult life, people want to reject and send a clear message to “political masters” – not any more. That would be a good use of NOTA and if that happens, it would definitely be a wake-up call for all political parties and upset quite a few calculations.

If Congress was celebrating and seeing some form of revival for itself after massive defeat just a few months back, BJP was quickly losing momentum and struggling to reach the finishing line. Their campaign and door-to-door work was very slow in Delhi and wherever it was, it was halfhearted.  Adding to BJP’s list of troubles was its President, Rajnath Singh. Rajnath Ji decided to “not show” his face in Ghaziabad, his current constituency giving much fodder to AAP and Congress to gain some ground at BJP’s cost.   Would BJP just let it go, did they run their machinery to the max for too long and would they really suffer by this loss of momentum – let us wait and watch.

Delhi would have a sarkaar – whether it is Modi’s or not – we will have to wait and watch.

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