India’s Core Issues That The CAA-NRC Discourse is Clouding

India’s Core Issues That The CAA-NRC Discourse is Clouding
Nationwide protests against CAA and NRC are going on in the country.
India’s Core Issues That The CAA-NRC Discourse is Clouding
Nationwide protests against CAA and NRC are going on in the country.

Protest against Citizenship Amendment Act, and NRC along with the dialogues around them, have intensified across the country. With the rising scale of violence both by the protestors and the police, the maximum casualties have been reported in Uttar Pradesh, where at least 20 people died in police firing and clashes. Seeing the tense situation security has been beefed up across the country.

Paramilitary personnel and state police have been deployed to keep the anti-social elements at bay. Overall, 372 people were served notices in UP for damaging public property.

No attention towards the real issues

Indian economy is slowing down. Unemployment is on the rampage; people are losing jobs, not to talk of even onion prices soaring up at Rs 150 Per Kg and imports arriving from Turkey, Egypt and Afghanistan. Apart from this, the position of the banking sector, health sector, automobile sector are getting miserable day by day.

Unemployment rate touches 8.3%

As per the report of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the urban unemployment rate has reached 8.9% while the rural unemployment rate has touched 8.3%. The overall unemployment rate of the country moved to 8.5%, the highest level since August 2016 according to the data released by CMIE.

Cut of job in the automobile sector

The slowdown in the automobile sector has created chaos in the country. This sector has cut its production and downsized the workforce. A 20% dip in production has led to a decrease in the job on a large scale.

CBI catches Maruti MD in bank scam

Bank scams are becoming common in India. Of late managing director of Maruti Udyog Jagdish Khattar is the latest culprit who was caught in the Rs 110-crore bank scam. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has booked him in the bank scam. A Punjab National Bank 4.06 % (PNB) complaint says Khattar did not repay the loan to dupe the bank. Besides Khattar, many guilty parties have fled from the country after such bank frauds.

Negligence in the health sector

The health sector is a victim of neglect. Children are dying due to lack of necessary medical facilities in the hospitals. A large number of children died at the state-run hospital in Gorakhpur in 2017 due to lack of oxygen. As per the recent news, 77 children lost their lives in Kota’s J K Lon Hospital in the first 24 days of this month, but only ten deaths are reported in two days. People are not getting proper medical services in government-run hospitals.

Japanese PM cancels visit

Japanese Prime Minister cancelled his visit to India recently due to the ongoing protests and violence. If foreign dignitaries will not visit due to violence, then who will invest money in the country.

While many debates are going on for and against CAA and NRC, the discourse itself has built a smokescreen which has blinded both the government and the opposition parties to look into matters that need their urgent attention. People need effective governance, who can run the government appropriately. Essential problems should be sorted out so that everyone can live happily and peacefully. The ruling and opposition parties must stop the blame game and work towards nation-building. Everything need not be a political matter; after all, the nation comes first.