Modi in Lahore, Social Media On Fire

PM Modi in Lahore, Pakistan


PM Modi in Lahore, PakistanThis tweet from @narendramodi handle on Twitter turned Social Media upside down, this lazy Christmas afternoon.

8h8 hours ago

Looking forward to meeting PM Nawaz Sharif in Lahore today afternoon, where I will drop by on my way back to Delhi.”

BBC was the first to c judge magnitude of this news and started showing it in its homepage all over the world, rightly so.

Last six hours have been crazy for all social media watchers. Interesting developments and strange expressions pan familiar pro and anti Modi/ BJP twitter and Facebook accounts. You can actually see and notice pro-accounts deleting “hate Pakistan” tweets made just a few hours back and anti Modi/BJP accounts delete “diplomacy is important” tweets from their accounts.

Those who largely try to walk a secular path are happy, but those who use secular as a word to cover their opportunism are finding it difficult to assess the situation, hence completely at sea, or shall we say completely on the other side of Satluj. Most of the social media has displayed extreme positive reactions, where as, a few are linking deaths of India’s soldiers with Briyani at Raiwind, ancestral home of Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Indian National Congress proved once again that they are so down and under that they can’t even make out what is good and bad news for them. This was a big opportunity for them to run all over the world saying, that we exactly said this, “diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy” and now we proudly support our country’s PM for a bold diplomatic move”. They would’ve risen in the eyes of international media and even national media. This was the time for them to be magnanimous which they have not been. Instead, their social media accounts are criticizing  the government exactly in a manner in which Shiv Sena has been opposing Pakistan. Some strong twitter handles run by committed BJP supporters are in  a joyous mood. They feel that Shiv Sena and other fringe Hindutava  groups which were queering the pitch would now be silenced, once and for all.

As PM Modi departs for Delhi from Lahore, social media is busy churning out report after report and interpretation after interpretation.  One of the best side shows were tweets on what Pakistan can offer Modi sahib as he is a strict vegetarian. Looks like Modi sahib would’ve had milk and sweets at the wedding.