100 Days of Modi Sarkar – Day 64

Track Modi Sarkar Work - Day 64
Day 64 of Modi Sarkar

Modi Sarkar Work - Day 64

John Kerry focuses on improving ties with India

In the last couple of days there had been a lot of talk about how the relations between the US and India were going to take a turn for the worse considering the way India had objected to the passage of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It was in such a climate that both the countries were going to take part in the latest round of strategic dialogue. However, contrary to the assumptions and expectations John Kerry, the secretary of state of US, has stated that for the US maintaining strategic ties with India is of utmost importance.

According to him it was high time that the bilateral relations of India and US were taken to the next level – to make it a historic one that could play a major role in ensuring a better tomorrow for many people across the world. During his speech at the meeting, Kerry gave a roadmap for developing the relationship along the expected lines and said that both the countries are at the cusp of transforming the very fabric of the relationship and the way it has existed all these years.

Indian government tries to play down Chinese incursion at Ladakh

As far as Indian international affairs are concerned it has always had rather bittersweet relations with China and the main bone of contention between these two neighbours has been the international border shared by both. China has often alleged that several parts in India such as Arunachal Pradesh actually belong to them, a claim that has often been contested by India. Ladakh too has often faced this issue of unwarranted Chinese intrusion. So recently when herdsmen from China ventured into the said area it came as a surprise that India tried to play the incident down.

On India’s part, as well as China’s, it is being stated that the issue was resolved in an amicable manner by way of a flag meeting. A similar incident had occurred a few days back along the LOC where armies of both the countries had a long standoff. While India is looking to have amicable relations with China, it is also perhaps a responsibility of the latter to monitor movement of its citizens along the international border. If China fails to execute this duty properly perhaps the government needs to make it aware of such responsibilities through a proper and firm process of dialogue. It is a little awkward to see that India has not done much in this regard still now or even if it has done the effects are yet to be seen.

Collegium system could be scrapped in the days ahead

The ruling party of India is planning to do away with the collegium system of the judiciary whereby the judges are appointed by their colleagues. This system has been in effect for the last 20 odd years and what is notable in this regard is that even erstwhile judges and prominent advocates with a lot of experience behind them have been supporting this decision of the NDA government.

A judicial appointments commission has been proposed to replace the existing set up. However, as has been seen in a recent government level consultation meeting regarding the same there has been a debate about the composition of the panel. While Soli Sorabjee and Fali Nariman, noted judges themselves, are in favour of a JAC that will mainly feature judges, Mukul Rohatgi, the attorney general of India, has stated that in such a case the body would be no different from the collegium.  However, both the groups have agreed on the fact that the process of appointing judges should be a transparent one.

Government creating textile policy to generate more jobs and exports

In an effort to rejuvenate the sagging economy the Indian government has set up a panel comprising exports who have come up with a fresh National Textiles Policy. This new policy aims to create 35 million jobs by way of drawing investments for the same and also generate exports worth 300 billion dollars. The time frame set to achieve this goal is 2024-25. The plan has also envisaged receiving extra investment to the tune of 120 billion dollars.

The expert committee has taken cognizance of the various problems that are presently ailing the textiles industry in India and have thus been able to make a blueprint of the areas that need immediate attention. At present, the textiles and apparel industry in India is worth 39 billion dollars and if the aims of this plan are achieved then it would be a monumental rate of growth indeed. The policy also looks to come up with a vision statement that is expected to play a major role in helping the sector increase its market share by 3 times within the next decade. The previous National Textiles Policy had been formulated in 2000.

Government launches biodiversity mission on wheels

In what may be termed as a praiseworthy endeavour the Indian government has started a biodiversity express that will be expected to play an important role in generating higher levels of awareness about the biodiversity in India. Prakash Javadekar, the union minister of state for environment, has rightly stated that this is not just any other train – in fact this is the third phase of the Science Express Biodiversity Special (SEBS). This is a combined effort of the following:

  • Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change
  • Ministry of Railways
  • Ministry of Science and Technology

The condition of wildlife across the world is a highly problematic one to say the least and India is only a part of the puzzle. However, one wishes that this effort meets with success considering the importance of wildlife of any and every kind in maintaining the overall ecological balance. An official statement regarding the said train has revealed that it has indeed been successful in fulfilling its primary motive – generating awareness among people regarding the wealth of flora, fauna and non-human life in India’s wilderness. The train will be travelling to 20 states where it is supposed to be seen by approximately 30 lakh students.

Economic indicators

Indicators Value Rise/Fall
SENSEX 25991.23 -135.62
NIFTY 7748.70 -41.75
Rupee/Dollar 60.15 0.04
Gold 27,919.00 -19.00
Silver 44,235.00 -46.00
Crude oil 6,144.00 -6.00

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