PK Goes Tax-Free: Is it a pragmatic stride or just another political demarche?

PK goes tax free

PK goes tax freeBollywood star Aamir Khan has always been in the limelight for his utmost perfection and dexterity. Less can be spoken about the acting excellence that Mr. Perfectionist has impressed the audience with in his 30 years of career span. Owing to the superior quality of his work, his films have become the most awaited releases of bollywood. Every year this master of talent astonishes the audience with films that end up becoming the biggest blockbusters of the year. But this year, Mr. Perfectionist has thunderously vanquished all the past records with his biggest blockbuster, PK!

The most awaited release of the year 2014, PK made a deafening entry in the theaters. Not only did the film manage to captivate the audience but also succeeded in capturing an opulent position on the box-office window. Breaking off all the past records, PK went up to become the highest grossing Bollywood film with an incredible sum of over 600 crores worldwide. But as its said that success doesn’t come easy, PK had to face the consequences of its huge sell-out. Some disturbing elements of our society took this as another opportunity to ascertain personal lucre.

For over years now, it has eventually become a habit of the so-called protectors of religion to bubble up uncalled controversies around anything that seeks to reform the society. While some people take this up as a source of entertainment in their lives, the others try to benefit from the actions of others. This may be inch-perfect in the case of the political parties that leave no stone unturned in subduing each other. Unfortunately, Aamir Khan’s PK also ended up becoming one such bait for the political masterminds. Using religion as the shoulder, they took a shot at the common man.

While on one hand, the right-wing Hindu organizations condemned PK for its explicit content that hurt Hindu sentiments, the chief ministers of two states on the other hand, declared the movie tax-free so as to make it feasible for the poor to watch the same. Perhaps the two political wings actually differ on ideology! So when one finds the film to be religiously affront, the other sees it as a good means of breaking away from religious superstitions and hypocrisy. But if both the wings are apparently working for the societal benefit, who out of them is the common man, supposed to put its faith in?

Amidst the redundant acrimony of the political forerunners and self-proclaimed saviors of faith, the success of PK speaks much louder than the words!