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Why Arvind Kejriwal Lost from Varanasi

Published on: May 16, 2014 | Updated on: October 18, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal

According to Kejriwal, it was the people’s will that he take on the Goliath personified by Narendra Modi in Varanasi. But the results have proved otherwise; not only has Kejriwal lost in Varanasi, in terms of vote share his performance can only be termed as dismal (1.79 lakh against Modi’s 5.16 lakh, as I write this). Added to the fiasco in Delhi, this event has the AAP to a new low from which it will take many years to recover, if at all.

So, what went wrong for the man with the golden touch? Here’s how I see it:

  • Kejriwal failed to see that the momentum and mass connect he had enjoyed during the assembly elections in Delhi have now vanished. It is as if he was given one do-or-die chance by the people of Delhi, and he chose to chicken out. Now, the public has lost faith in this new party, which has reflected in Varanasi. But it’s not just about taking the easy way out. Kejriwal has changed statements and stances so many times that the people have lost faith in him as a leader, and it’s unlikely they’re going to trust him again any time soon.

  • The result also shows how strong the Modi wave was. Not only did people vote for the country’s next prime minister, they also voted for stability. This is reflected in the Muslim votes polled in the BJP’s favour.

That said, Kejriwal got what he wanted from Varanasi in the first place: martyrdom. He can now claim helpless in fighting the politics-business combine on meagre resources, and hope that the public will believe him once more. Of that, however, there appears to be very little chance.

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Arvind kejriwal


"I don’t understand why when we destroy something created by man we call it vandalism, but when we destroy something created by nature we call it progress." – Ed Begley, Jr.


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1.Lack of political experience.


I also got 50 % power subsidy nd i ws nt supportng the movt .
i agree with u arvind sir should have asked people befor resigning from post bt he was so aggressive on bill that he thought it wud be unfair for the people who hd votd fr hm 4 the bill specificly
3 ..Only 2 lakhs money ws spnt by party .rest was collected by the people
4.. party contested on arnd 435 seats (more than bjp and congress) ..only 60 seats ere allotd to recognzd people rst wre people from us only .

M nt a supportr of any party jst a common man influencd by him and partys ideology


Many AAP supporters are saying in the comments that they are with him, where were you at the time of voting?
Not everything that shines is gold, just because he is an IITian doesn’t mean he is a good person.

And when it comes to the title of the subject- Kejriwal had a bad image after leaving Delhi and the situation of Varanasi was very critical. All Hindus in UP were angry because of the riots and hence they voted Modi Ji. The defeat of every muslim candidate in UP proves my point.

J. Manjunatha May 17, 2014 at 11:30 pm

I am very happy for your success in this election
I have very hope that your making India as a developing nation .by giving basic need that is food health to the poor people of India . And especially the job to youth and also for inspiring youth .I am praying god of Bharatmatha that to give u strength to come across all the trouble and make developed country . With regards from manju

Vishwanath Salian May 17, 2014 at 4:42 pm

Well said
Instead of sticking to delhi
He went to break his
Head with mountain
Like modi


Kejri babu lost election cause he was telling lies to people. Yes Definitely it was B team of Congress to eat vote of Mr. Modi. He denied development in gujrat which is felt by all others.

Soye huwe ko jagaya ja sakata hai… jo sone ka natak karata hai usko jagana namunkin hota hai .. that what he was doing..

But people are smart, once he started getting on modi he lost trust from people. I was strong supporter of Kejriwal but not now.

Kerji LAL behave like childish, I also don’t agree with concept like not taking security, traveling by metro or car , not taking bunglow common this don’t prove that your are good administrator, these are the facilities for governing well..

He is reveled by media time to time, shazia taking money to do protest, giving sentimental statements on Shahid bhagatsing to capture people sentiments shows how Kejri LAL holds emotions of people to achieve his political agenda.

Mr. Kejri… LAL , AAP Ka Kya Hoga ?


Kejariwal lost because people hat him he was hitted by slap so many time . all other party candidate lost due to kejariwal. if all the would contest interdependently many of them would win


AK , truth takes its on course !! but , ultimately it has to win . We are with you always !!

amit srivastava May 17, 2014 at 8:18 am

there are strong reasons to believe that Congress bought him out. It is being talked in power circles in Delhi that he was paid close to 700 crores to take on Modi and split the anti- congress votes, The same trick that congress is playing in Maharastra by funding MNS.
So suddenly all his guns fell silent. No more talk of Shiela Dixit, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi.He fought on behalf of Congress in this election. The pupose was to try for a split verdict. But people are smarter than he thought. So he is biting dust now. The alacrity with which he rushed to Varanasi to fulfil his masters wishes. Why he did not fight against Sonia who looted thousands of crores over the past few years

Second he proved to be completely inept in Governance. You cannot trust a fickle person like him with the PM’s post.
I was a big supporter of Kejriwal but realized that he ended up being the biggest fraud thrust upon the country. All his colleagues who fought with him saw through his greed and manipulative politics .

Third we went for blatant communal politics. He had a seminar- ‘The Roadmap for Musliums’ . All his antics were to attract muslim votes. his cap suddenly started showing Urdu slogans. are muslims the only minorities.

he has ended up being a joker .A taxi driver once told me that he lost his mental balance after being slapped so many times in public


    Thanks for your comment, Amit. I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, so won’t buy the argument of the Congress buying him out. But I agree with the rest of what you said. His sheer failure in governance and love for theatrics has disgusted people of India forever.


    It seems that AK was paid by BJP to split vote … Result is very clear.

Vyas Paresh K May 17, 2014 at 6:06 am

Kejriwal better luck next time . Dont lose hope. One day you will surely be the prime minister of our country.Waiting for that day….


Because he is a megalomaniac. No use of writing articles on him his next destination is psychiatric hospital.

altaf padasalagi May 17, 2014 at 12:09 am

Dear Arvind ,
Hard luck in varnasi …its OK …battle ll never end with communal party …we r all still with u ….
One req and one suggestion its better if kiran bedi and Anna hazare joins hand with u …


Kejriwal should help to modi to find out corruption and remove it from india.


Ankush, I’m not hardcore AAP supporter. However i value the initiative that rose up from the ground. An initiative led by honest, sincere, hard working people. I do concede that they have some political seasoning to undergo.
Country like India demands plurality in political ideologies. Currently such political ideologies exist only on paper. And then our democracy will thrive. Any single ideology dominating political discourse will stifle diversity in our country.
Competing of different ideologies will produce mature ideas (out of amrit man than) unlike juvenile ideas of governance we saw proliferating during last 10 years.
Healthy democracy demand this. And we also need to create political culture tolerant of opposing ideologies.
Again i concede that AAP need to do lot of introspection and take the verdict of people positively as they say in business customers are never wrong and they need to grasp intricacies of doing good politics.
I also feel BJP got well deserved majority to rule the country without fetters so they need to come true on promises made to people. We need to salute people of country for giving decisive mandate.

Change in Govt. May 16, 2014 at 9:39 pm

Now there will be a method to win Elections in India.

Now there will be no investigations of Vyapam Scam by CBI in MP

Now there will be development like gujrat in INDIA.

Now people with links with Government will be benefitted like UPA 2 Govt.

Now I will wait for Petrol price Fall

Now I will wait for Diesel Price Fall

Now wait for Electricity price Fall

Now wait for TAX relief.

Now wait for better policies for middle class.

Now wait for better road safety.

Now think that politicians will fell that they are also like us.

Now wait for Swiss Bank deposit return and stop of FDI black money relation.


This defeat is actually not Kejriwal or AAP instead of every Indian. This defeat of AAP shows that we Indians love to live in slavery as it is in our blood from our ancestors who did British slavery and now we do slavery of handful of people and then cry on our fate. Salute to Kejriwal & whole Aam Adami party for courage to fight & hope for a free country where each & every Indian irrespective of background will enjoy freedom in real sense for what our freedom fighters fought.


    Hahaha we cannot give india in hands of a bhagora. India is surrounded by hostile countries and aap is inexperienced in governance. Kejri is a thug. The whole party is exposed and may they rest in peace. Janta ke janadesh ko swikar karo. Hav drink kuldeep kaur. Ssa


      I wouldn’t use such strong words against him, but I agree with you in principle. Somebody joked that if tomorrow Kejriwal becomes PM and China starts encroaching on Indian territory, his method of retaliation will be a dharna outside the Chinese embassy!


    You seem to know it all remove your colored lenses and live.


Winning or losing is part of the deal. Though i agree with you that delhi assembly result should have been handled adroitly by AAP. However one cannot disregard that AAP created another alternative in political culture which is laudatory. However real challenge lies in sustaining political presence in ensuing years so alternative remains for next election.


    Thanks for dropping by, Nikish. I was a strong AAP supporter before, but gradually had my eyes opened. Alternative to what? Just because there’s a new entrant doesn’t make them a viable alternative. Kejriwal’s antics in Delhi proved that he is nothing more than a media-hungry, hasty, left-wing, extremely shrewd politician.

    Here are some points to think over:
    > Power subsidy only to those who protested with him? Come on!
    > Did he ask the public before quitting Delhi?
    > Did he ask the public before wasting all their money in campaigning from Varanasi and Amethi?
    > VIPs got most of the tickets by AAP. What was the common man busy doing?

    I know the remaining options are not very heartening, but that’s what we deserve as Indians — these leaders have risen from us and are a reflection of us only. At least Modi has proved something. Kejriwal thrives, with whatever little support he has, because the situation is so desperate that we desperate want to believe in a saviour.


      Bro, did u ever hear of a candidate called Soni Sori in Delhi and ever heard of Rakhi Birla? And compare them with Nagma of Congress and Smrithi Irani of BJP. Come on what will they do after coming into power, save their beauty without coming into the sun? Only AAP fielded good candidates in entire India. Medha Patkar, Rakhi Birla etc, Meera Sanyal( though she is from a well to do family, she is a quite dedicated socialist ).


      Very well said Ankush !




dont disappoint kejrival sir…..we still trust u


Well said!

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