Will AAP be able to maintain its quality?

More and more corporate honchos like former Infosys Director V Balakrishnan, former Royal Bank of Scotland CEO Meera Sanyal have joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Party’s anti-corruption agenda, the way it is touching the cords of common man’s problems are its major draw. Apart from this, people are really fed up, angry and frustrated with the present political parties and their way of working. All this is giving a way to the new hope which they now see in the Aam Aadmi Party. But will the Aam Aadmi Party be able to maintain its present quality in long run?

In order to maintain quality every member who has joined or willing to join the AAP must be honest by heart. Selfishness and personal interest will make it just another political party after few years. So that fire in the belly must keep on burning. This will be a real challenge to the party. They have to set strict examples to keep everyone in line with party’s main agenda. Then is the issue of finding honest candidates. At present the AAP is inviting members from all across India. Certain guidelines have been formulated for the selection process and the party must follow these firmly.

The AAP leaders have to fulfill the expectation of everyone which is not an easy task but very crucial for the continued existence of the party. The AAP has now formed the government in Delhi. Voters out of expectations have voted for the AAP in Delhi elections. As each life is different so does the expectations and may be because of this AAP’s every manifesto was area specific.

Also for success and quality, the Aam Aadmi Party must identifies itself with a common man who is running a small shop, who is pulling rickshaw for his family’s livelihood, who is doing labor and at the same time working in offices. To remain a common man, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has refused to take official residence and other elected members of the AAP are also keeping themselves away from VIP culture. Their motive is to prove that they were common before election and even the same after holding the government posts. They are making sure that official cars accepted by them will only be used for official purposes. All these things and promises of these kinds are tough but not impossible. They need to practice strict discipline.

But what I personally feel is that living a simple life and fulfilling promises are two different thing. Common man will not complaint about your living if all his problems will be solved that includes the problem of inflation, corruption, education, inequality in the society, unequal access to resources, quality of life etc. Work of the AAP will be highly appreciated if common man’s living area will be as clean, posh and full of facilities as the VIP area. Then there will be no difference between the two . A common man has his own set of problems and he is least bothered where his CM is living and how he is commuting. But of course official privileges must be used for official purposes only. The AAP will be judged on the basis of its work not on cars or homes. At the same time not using beacons is a superb move. I feel that our Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal must follow certain protocols. It was stated in a newspaper that Delhi police needs ten times more cops for his security.  To avoid the extra expense he must accept the said security cover. Even on the day when he took metro to take oath, 100 policemen were posted to secure his metro ride because he refused to take regular security. If he would have agreed to regular security then only 8-10 policemen were required.

The Aam Aadmi Party for sure is going through a testing period. Media and public is picking up each statement made by the party. So the party must have a very clear structure and mindset. The AAP is extensively using Facebook. It is updating its each and every move giving media and public a chance. But they are doing so with an objective to take everybody along with them. They want people to feel that it is not the victory of the AAP but a common man. This is really helping the party to get in touch with a common man who is educated and uses latest technology. Party must focus on main agendas rather than house or car issues

To maintain quality party must keep a regular check on the bank balance and number of accounts of its every member because it has been seen that a common man gets rich after coming to power. Moreover every mind of AAP must think and act as if one. Each achievement of the Aam Aadmi Party will act its milestone. It will lay a strong foundation of the AAP and maintain its charisma.