Money Heist Season-5, Volume 1 Review

Netflix released the arrival of the new and final season of La Casa De Papel, aka Money Heist, at 12.30 pm IST on September 3. The story starts exactly from where it finished in season four with a nerve-wracking cliffhanger of the gunshot sound at the season finale. In the last season, while everyone was expecting the death of Gandia, it was Nairobi who departed from the show.

In season 5, the discredited, nine-month pregnant police inspector Alicia Sierra ensnares the Professor in his hiding spot. But, unfortunately, her plan backfires when the head of the Spanish Police Force, Tomayo, gangs up against Sierra and charges her, stating she ran off her duty.

On the other hand, the robbers inside the Reserve Bank of Spain fight with the cops and Arturo and the governor Mario Urbaneja.

Arturo being Arturo continues to annoy the viewers through poorly-planned belligerence with the robbers, just when the Colonel’s military mission begins on the outside of the bank. He aggravates Denver to get into a fight with him, turning Stockholm into a murderer. Finally, the Special Forces of the Spanish Army enter the bank and start firing.

There was a flashback with Tokyo, consuming an entire episode where her past has been shown. Her famous quote, “We think we can find love only once. But then we get to live several lives.” in context to Nairobi, left a deep scar on the viewer’s heart, and they grow to love Silene, the girl before Tokyo.

The fifth season shows the struggles of the fictional characters in the series and takes an emotional toll on the audience. Full of action, drama and street style fight scenes, the first volume of Money Heist with five episodes are presented neatly. Making sure that the viewer glues their eyes to the screen, the new season makes sure every moment is hitched on the insides of the audience. It was spine-chilling, with new mysteries getting unfolded. Only Volume 2, which is scheduled to release in December, can reveal the truth.